Autumn/Winter: How to shop

It’s that time again, time to shop for your winter wardrobe! The joy, the fun! Or the endless trials of coats, scarfs, gloves, do they all match, etc.

No need to tell you that your winter coat will be your best friend over the harsh winter months. It must zip right up, might or might not have a hood, be water proof (or water resistant) and be able to fit layers of clothes underneath. This is what sends people trying on 20 jackets in my store, all in a bid to find their perfect one.

You need to spend money on your winter coat. Buttons must fasten, zips must not get stuck or be too stiff, it fits you properly (can not stress this enough) and it must fit in with your wardrobe. Unfortunately people seem to think this means black. Black is always a top seller in coats, but now people are bored of black and are moving onto navy blue, emerald green, and delicious burgundy.

Here are some examples:

The burgundy coat is from Light in the box, and is £27.99. It has a hood, and a flattering belt waist.

The second coat is a  proper wool coat from Mango, retailing for £129.99, and the perfect shade of green!

The third coat is from F&F, and is £45. This is  a strong trend for the season, as military is all the rage. This is an easy and smart way to update your wardrobe.

What coats are you coveting? Let me know in the comments!!
T xx


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