The Mermaid’s Wardrobe

Fashion, wardrobe

I recently went around to a lovely friend of mine and redid her wardrobe according to my wardrobe rules. She has a fun bohemian style with a lot of elephants featured in her clothing and a lot of strong jewel tones.

We started with her wardrobe. Now she is the same as me and has clothes from when she started Uni. Now Uni is a time where you experiment with various things, including your wardrobe, when you are cute and wearing shorter and tighter things, or stuff that is super crazy. Now this is appropriate for that age, but at the ages we are at, this is not cool. Luckily her items were still appropriate but some had to go due to being lovingly worn.

Next up, formal dresses. A lot of these are needing to be altered so had to be put into a pile of items to be sewn. The pricier the item, the more it is okay to get it altered or tailored. On a cheap H&M top? No no. You can also dye old dresses or have them shortened to make them even more wardrobe.

During this rummage, we discovered that my lady friend had a very definite style. She had a lot of elephant tops, and also lots of strong colours. This was interesting as she didn’t see that she had a definitive style. The other thing was that there were a LOT of items I had  never seen on her before and there was some cool items!!

We hung up the items in her wardrobe in the following order:

Work wardrobe, Tops, Trousers, Sweaters, Dresses.

I also always encourage items that are formal to be put in another place with plastic covers so they don’t get touched when you are rummaging through your wardrobe.

We put some new outfits together and I also encouraged her to invest in many different belts as these define your waist and are a great accessory.

Top tips:

  1. Age appropriate wardrobe
  2. Separate work wardrobe at the front of your wardrobe so you don’t have to rummage everyday.
  3. Sit back and look at the colours and styles of your clothing. What is your style?
  4. Invest in your formal wardrobe so they are always ready to go with events.
  5. Don’t feel you have to get a whole new wardrobe when you strip your old one.
  6. Experiment with putting items together and adding accessories to revive old classics.

Next up, a lady who loves Disney and has an amazing wardrobe!


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