January ClearOut

Hi team!

So it is the new year, and no doubt all of you would have emerged from the rubble of New Years Eve with a resolution. Don’t we all? I had so many this last year, don’t even get me started on how many I didn’t complete (har har)

So as I am a wardrobe consultant, I encourage you to say good bye to your clothes that you have hung on for for too long, and get to the heart of you and who you are, and who you want to project to the world.

I went to a modelling class when I was in high school (don’t even ask) and they taught you how to put on makeup and  walk, and gave us a list of every piece of clothing you need in your wardrobe. The last part I took and used in my wardrobe and it works!

Here is a not exhaustive list, but a list to get you on your way.

2 pairs of black trousers, 1 formal, 1 casual.

2 white shirts, 1 formal, 1 casual

Jeans. I will take you shopping for jeans, I worked in Levis and I know what fits and what doesn’t. Either way, 5 pairs in different varying colours in your perfect fit is a must.

The black dress. If you don’t have this, your wardrobe is nothing without it. It is your power dress, perfect for dates, interviews, and even funerals when you want to be strong, this is it.

1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of flats. All so basic, but these will see you through and when they are worn out, replace with whatever you like in the fashions at the time.

A big brimmed hat. Get one, it will always make you feel amazing and dressed up, no one wears hats anymore, seriously don’t understand why.

Get your underwear game sorted. Throw out THOSE pairs, you know what ones I mean, invest in good quality underwear and don’t skimp, as you wear these all day, every day, and when you want to make babies without the babies.

Socks. Big socks, ankle socks, slipper socks, novelty socks. Buy as many as will fit in your drawer. No one judges on how many socks you have. You are not a ‘weird sock lady’.

As we are in January, lets talk coats next. Get a big jacket that will make sure you are warm all day – lets say you are out at an event all day watching a marathon or something. Will it keep you warm all day?  Also invest in a leather jacket, fake leather is just as good as real leather these days and comes in all kinds of colours, black is the classic, however let your own taste come into your own choosing. Next, pick a coat that looks good for both formal and casual. What comes to mind is a trench coat, which is fab, but really follow how the trench coat looks with a formal look and go from there, there are many coats very similar.

This is a very basic list, but once you get started, you will get on a roll, I promise. Book with me if you want me to help too, I love doing wardrobes and I get really excited for people and the new adventures they are going to have with their fab clothes!

Have you started a wardrobe cull? Comment me, let me know how it’s going!

T xx

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