Sorting yo shit out

So ladies.

Are you where you want to be beauty and clothing wise? (Doing a blog about inside feelings soon, not that superficial!! :))

Along with sorting out yourself inside, you need to sort yourself on the outside. Here are some things to do to make sure your look extra speech.

  1. Get your nails done.
    Now I don’t mean go all the time, or getting those crazy long nails that crazy people get and somehow live with. I mean go get them buffed, oiled, and painted. Then you can do this at home! Get some moisturiser that has no perfumes (Simple’s range is good) slather some on, put on some gloves and sit there sipping  Chardon for an hour watching your stories.
  2. Get yo toes done. I went to a place where they did the paraffin wax thing on your feet – so good! They also did my nails and made sure my feet transformed from troll feet to lady troll feet. It was magical. At home, get the same cream as above, pop on your feet and pop some cotton socks on and see the results for yourself (infomercial voice)
  3. Get your eyebrows did.
    I am so glad that I did not pluck my eyebrows into oblivion. Thank you for bringing my bushly eyebrows back into fashion. However everyone needs to get their eyebrows plucked and shaped. Why? It will make you look so good! I had a friend that got hers tattooed on. Now Im a baby to even think of that but you can see that they are important to some people. If you have small eyebrows get on the internet and see how others made theirs into things of beauty.
  4. Transform your wardrobe as done in last blog and watch your wardrobe come to life!
  5. Drink water, eat fruit and veggies run, dance, get out of the house. This will make you look  great and glowy.
  6. Dentist and doctor appointments every six months. Get to a dentist hygienist too, they clean your teeth super good.
  7. As my girl Cher in Clueless says, read a good book now and then. Reading really makes you relax and when the stresses of the working week get to you, a chapter or two of a good book can work wonders for your mental health. Unless you are reading IT. Eeeeek
  8. Get yo hair chopped every three months and dyed every six. Then you can pretend you are in those Pantene commercials. *flips hair*
  9. Facemask yourself at least once a week. If you live in a city, all kinds of crap gets into your face and makes you look old and tired. Get a good charcoal mask on and sip a glass of wine.
  10. Laughter is the best medicine. It really is true! Makes you glow, get pink cheeks, and makes the boys come to your yard. Or Milkshakes. Ahem.

T xx

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