Getting yo mind right

Hi team.

So I did promise a mental health blog and (said in announcer voice).

In order for you to feel confident in any fashion you choose, you need to be confident in yourself to begin with. For years and years I used outlandish fashion to cover the fact that I was depressed and had major social anxiety. Clothing gave me that outlet to express what I  wanted to be all the way through. Now having been treated and come out the other side (although taking it day by day) I can now wear whatever I want and it not be an expression of something else.

I also used shopping as an outlet to get a high and to feel like I have transformed myself. The sad truth is that this only lasts for a hot minute and you are back to before. Therefore I have a lot of clothing now and a lot of it was from that time. The only way to know your style is once you have a clear head and don’t impulse buy. Here are some tips to get your mojo back (fashion mojo y’all)

  1. Talk to someone – anonymous. Talking to friends is good but with a stranger you can open up in a way that you never thought. They will be able to tell you what your triggers are and offer support and solutions. I went to see someone in Birmingham and got the tools to get cognitive therapy which I still use today (as I was very anti pill at the time)
  2. Pamper yourself. In other words… (Treat YOSELF). I for for massages, pedicures, hair appointments, etc. Take care of your body and it will help you.
  3. Exercise. They say 20 minutes a day is sufficient but I can only run for ten minutes and feel like I’m dying. Pick a sport and do it. Join a team. I run, do pilates, and Zumba, and avoid competitive sports as I get anxiety and competitive. You need to pick whats right for you and do it as much as possible.
  4. Take up a hobby. I read tarot and do black and white photography. I also have learned British Sign Language and Maori. I am endlessly full of hobbies and not enough time, but I try to get all of them done regularly. Do something just for you and you will feel a sense of achievement.
  5. Meditate. I have just started it but it is super good to clean your mind after a rushed and busy day. It means you get a clear focus on what is important and what is not. I am a huge fan as I overthink like hell.

The last one, is declutter your wardrobe. It really declutters your mind. If you want help, I am here to help! Plus, mention this blog and I will give you mates rates.

Try one, and let me know how you get in in the Facebizzle comments.


T xx

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