Hobbies: Origami!

I have many hobbies. I like to pride myself on being creative, but rubbish at it. I recently got back into origami as I really enjoy the process of it and making cute little shapes. I was chuffed to realise that I could still fold a paper crane with the best of them.

Origami began in the 6th century and it’s modern form started in 1954. It is a form of playing with paper and there are communities around the world devoted to origami, such as the British Origami Society. While a lot of the designs are traditional, there are a lot of great people coming up and making super different shapes and designs. Perhaps not for the beginner but once you get skilled enough you can go fold a Darth Vader (no joke). I would say that this is another form of therapy for anxiety as you have to really concentrate on folding correctly and if you get it wrong, start again, you will get it! I have folded a swan, a crane, and a heart, and have my eye set on a butterfly next next. It’s a great game for children as well, as it expands the art of paper folding beyond paper planes.

Here are some examples both modern and traditional.



If you do get folding, I recommend going on Youtube and finding tutorials as I find that the easiest way to see how you are getting on with it. And, as always, post pics down below!

T xx

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