Wardrobe – From Nightmare Into Daydream!

Hey land mermaids.

I want you to do something for me.

Get up. Go to your wardrobe. How many things you know don’t fit? How many items have price tags still on (I know everyone does!)? How many items have holes in them?

You are in NEED of a wardrobe makeover!!!

I’ll give you my example. I did this on my wardrobe not too long ago and counted about 40 t-shirts. No lie. Do I wear half of them? No I do not. I prefer to rotate my t-shirt of the Rock when he was a teen (you know the one, check his instagram, it’s a treat!) and my Led Zeppelin t-shirt. The others are old band t-shirts that are way too small, and t-shirts so old that I should not have them at all (hello t-shirts from when i was 16!)

I got rid 8 bags worth of clothes. As a result, I now enjoy getting dressed again! It’s refreshing to finally go into my wardrobe and see items that I have not worn or seen in ages and make an outfit from them! Items that I am unsure of wearing with what,  I now have outfits for! Its a Christmas miracle.

I have a few friends that have volunteered to let me invade their wardrobes and let me help clear their unwanted clothing (blogs to come). If you are in need of doing this yourself and do not have my deets then please follow this guide.

  1. If it has a hole in it and it is not super expensive (i.e. something you can go to a seamstress for) then get rid of it.
  2. Items that you think you might get into one day once you lose/gain weight – get rid of unless you will get into it in the next two months – often women like to hold onto items for years thinking they will fit into it when they don’t realise the magic of the woman’s body and the baby bearing hips we all get. Buy items that are wearable now, not later/if/when!
  3. Gather a pile of holiday wear and hang or fold in another place. Items that you would only wear in the heat of summer or on holiday don’t need to be in your wardrobe full time. This clears the way for your day to day.
  4. Same with formal items, hang all your evening wear in another place. Even though it’s nice to look at them, you need a clear mind and wardrobe when faced with getting ready for the day.
  5. Formal items – are they dry cleaned? Do they need resewing or repaired? Do they have a covering bag over them? Look at these issues as you don’t want the next time you wear this item to be when you need to go to an event.
  6. Workwear – hang in your wardrobe all together. That way you can select quickly what you can wear to work on those mornings that you just can’t be bothered being.
  7. For your other items, look at each piece. Does it fit? Does it have any holes or pulls? Is it actually fitting in with what you want to project to the world about yourself? If you wore it when you were in high school chances are you aren’t the same person anymore – does it fit in with your new lifestyle? Decide from there.
  8. Make piles – one for getting rid of, one for repair, one for trying on again (just incase you aren’t sure about it) and one for selling.
    – Getting rid of – keep these in your house for a week. This way you can really decide whether you want them or not. Donate them to charity – or if they are well known labels, sell them on Ebay!
    – One for repair – make sure the item is worth repairing – either monetary or sentimental worth.
    – One for trying on again – make sure it fits well and you still want it as part of your wardrobe today.
    – One for selling – Separate items that you think might sell – items that are well known or are cool enough to sell – you can sell on Ebay and at least get a bit of money towards your wardrobe!

Lastly – hang your wardrobe in order of tops, bottoms, sweaters etc and dresses. This means that you can put together an outfit more readily in the morning. Make sure you have good quality hangers (not metal ones) and items that stretch easily are folded into shelves.

I hope you now enjoy getting ready in the morning!! Send me pics of you wearing something that you have unearthed and I’ll pop it on the blog!

T xx

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Eye Palette – Review

So I discovered Makeup Revolution when I went into Superdrug for the first time this year (I know, shameful) and was blown away by their packaging, look, and feel of the brand. The prices are also amazing (£8 for a 32 eyeshadow palette!). After poring over the selection and deciding between Unicorns Unite and Mermaids Forever, I decided on the latter. And holy heck, what a palette. The emphasis on shiny eyeshadows vs matte is strong, but there are still everyday shadows to play with, and a smoky black eye too! Highlight is the pinks, greens and blues, and some fantastic purples. I am a total child when it comes to those colours and have found it incredibly easy to put together eye looks relatively simply and easy!


As you can see, there is such a range of colours! They need to be builded up a little bit, and already I’m running out of my base colour on the top left, but you can make so many great looks with this!

I recommend this to anyone who is new to makeup, doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, and wants to try all the looks they pinned on Pinterest!

Purchase here!

T xx

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Athleisure? Fitness Gear? PE gear?

Hi team!

So over the last few years, the high street focus on selling fitness gear has been huge. Pretty much every retailer has their own line. Of course there are retailers like Sweaty Betty who just sell it on their own, but of course people want their favourite brands to sell it too, hence the demand! There are some crappy lines out there but I have chosen my 3 favourite lines, that are the shizzle. I feel cool when I wear it, and I almost want to spend the day walking about in it but I usually want to wear my onesie more so that wins really.


So I was working at H&M when their sports stuff came in, and you know what? It’s really really good. There are LOADS of bras, coordinating outfits, outdoor jackets, water bottles, headbands, etc etc. Even yoga mats! Here is my favourite running leggings:fitness-hm

So cute. Matching tops too.


Debenhams are pretty new to the game but their advantage is their designers are pitching in. So you have a beautiful line designed by Savannah Miller (Sienna Millers sister) which is just amazing. There are loads of bras, and lots and lots of mix and match items. I definitely recommend a look as this is stuff you can just chill out in too!

athleisure debenhams.jpg

See? Just go for a run, then go chill out with a latte or something. Easy Peasy.

Ivy Park

This is a bit of a cliche one, but I fortunately got to look at the new stuff recently and my god it is good and it is affordable. I was scared of the quality and price tag but both are quite good, and look cool. Of course you are paying for the thing in the first place because it’s Queen B but it is totally amazing to rock, and again, you can rock it even when you ain’t sweating.


Too cool for school. Get down to Topshop for this peeps.

Whats your favourite fitness gear from the high street?

T xx

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Rings rings RINGS

I love rings. I love all kinds of rings. I wear SO many rings my hands look like an old mans. It is not enough to wear just my wedding rings. I MUST HAVE MORE.

Rings are the easiest thing to update your wardrobe. Your hands are almost as recognisable as your face and if you gesture when you talk, thats enough to show your rings off! So, I have collated 3 of my favourite ring stockists, get your peepers on these!


Image courtesy of Cherry Diva’s website

These ladies have gone from strength to strength – providing great jewellery at great prices, and they have just provided a great sterling silver range, again, super affordable! My favourite is the moonstone rings (insert heart eyes here!)


Image courtesy of RocknRose’s website.


This is one of my favourite websites to shop from. They have a great selection also, and my highlight are the zodiac ring (omgimanaries). Good for the lady friends in your life, kind of the grownup version of best friend necklaces (which they will never replace, so awesome!)


Image courtesy of RegalRose’s website.


These guys have an amazing new collection (enough to feed my goth soul) but they also do vintage rings! These are amazing, and if you are shopping for engagement rings at the moment, look no further – so pretty!


Let me know if you get anything, I want to see!

T xx

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Review: Simple Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Hi team! Welcome to another review. As always, I am not sponsored, I am just in love with the products I review! (And I buy A LOT so its worth telling you guys about it!)

So I had heard about facial oils and that they make your skin amazing and helps your oiliness if you have issues with this!

This product is great. I use Simple pretty much exclusively, I use their toner, day cream, night cream, eye cream, makeup remover cream, and now this. It is a great affordable line that really does wonders for my skin as they don’t add 100 ingredients. This Oil is 100% grape seed oil. Simple! It has Vitamin A and E also!So I had a terrible face of makeup from going to bed with my makeup on (I know) and I was feel a bit gross and my eyes were puffy from my mascara and eyeliner being on as they hate them anyway but all night is a stretch!

So I did what the packaging said – I dropped 2-3 drops onto my hand, then massaged gently into my skin and eyelids. And wow. It was AMAZING. It felt super weird at first, as its just oil, but you also put warm water on your face too and massage it in, then rinse off and your skin looks amazing.

I put my toner and moisturiser on straight away and then felt my skin and it was so soft. Like a baby bunny soft. Legit. I have not worn makeup today to see how my oiliness is and later on I will do some exercise to see how my oiliness is and update on a later publishing of this blog but I am super impressed!!

10/10 – would recommend to all skin types!!

Any other items you would like me to review?

T xx


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Cruelty Free Makeup!

Hi guys!

So I’ve decided to set myself two challenges this winter. 1 – to start winter workouts – with help from The Body Coach (www.thebodycoach.com), and the second is to educate myself on animal cruelty, starting with makeup. Doing research on the Peta website, an astonishing amount of my makeup bag was not cruelty free (I kind of had expected this but was still shocked). Barry M is cruelty free. Rimmel is not. Revlon is not. Estee Lauder and Clinique is not (owned by the same company). This meant a huge percentage of my makeup is not cruelty free. But the great news is, there are so many great companies that are cruelty free, and have amazing products! The Kat Von D foundation that I reviewed awhile back, is cruelty free. It is a fantastic brand and really sings about animals and the importance of cruelty free. Here are some others that I have discovered on my journey.




Too Faced is a great company. They are cruelty free and their primers are to die for. Very soon you will see this collaboration with Kat Von D – in real life the founder of Too Faced and Kat are friends and have pulled together to bring this palette to life! I am so excited to see this and hopefully bag one of these! Again, cruelty free looks so good.

Another one I was hugely surprised with was Barry M. Around since 1982, they have made it their mission to provide cruelty free products, but they don’t make a song and dance about it, which I find quite refreshing. I have got many of their products, including their Eye Shine palette (below).



It is good on your budget if you can’t spring for the Too Faced or Kat Von D ranges, and very good quality!

Is their any cruelty free ranges you love? Comment below!

If you do do a makeup bag investigation, let me know how you got on!

T xx

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Hi guys!

So this week I’m talking about meditation. It is a form of self regulation that means you clear the mind of thoughts and reach a state of consciousness that means you are at peace! Now its all a bit hippy dippy but for sufferers of anxiety and depression, it really can help. Once you clear your mind, you can get a focus on whats important in life. It is very difficult to do, and I still find it difficult. I choose to do it with myself, not in a group setting, as most things like exercise I prefer to do on my own (as I’m a weirdo). I use a free app called Headspace, and it really helps! Andy Puddicombe talks you through ten free sessions and then you have the option to buy more. I get by with the free ten, and it only takes ten minutes. Some day I’m so anxious my minds all over the place. Some days I’m super in the zone. The important thing is that it must be an everyday thing, and is as important as your daily exercise. It has surpassed hippies in the 70s and is now a legitimate form of therapy and exercise for the mind. I really recommend it, there are other apps out there too if this one doesn’t suit, and of course there are classes out there too! Give it a shot for a week, and tell me if you continue, and what you think!



T xx

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Kat Von D Lock it Foundation: Review

On my quest to find the perfect foundation I decided to try the Kat Von D lock it foundation! I did some research and while there were some retractors, there were a lot of complimentary reviews from fellow oily skinned girls that raved about the coverage and the no transfer finish! So I decided to purchase it and test it for myself.

Normal primer on – I use Barry M Primer – its not too bad but I will take any recommendations! Then I opened up the bottle (it is SO beautiful it makes me want to show people on the bus like a crazy person) and put a pea sized amount in my hand. I am so glad I didn’t get more, as it was super covering!! I usually have issues with cakinesss around my nose and top lip but this really was not too bad on that factor. I didn’t put any setting spray or powder on to see how it would work, and then headed off to work where there is strong air con and heating, so it really would be put to the test as most foundations I use melt under this environment. 4 hours in, I popped upstairs on my lunch break, checked the mirror, aaaaaannnnd – Amazing. Only a little bit of oil popped through, it gave me a luminescent glow, as opposed to oil slick. I decided not to powder and left it for another 3 hours, when I was on my break. It hadn’t moved! It was all still pretty much dry and the oiliness hadn’t gotten worse! I usually have dry spots on my chin but it didn’t show them up, and the ghastly pimples that had sprung up a few days previous were all covered – I had put concealer on redundantly really!

All in all, I am so pleased with this foundation – I will do a follow up review with this once I have finished my bottle!

Purchase it HERE


T xx

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