Kat Von D Lock it Foundation: Review

On my quest to find the perfect foundation I decided to try the Kat Von D lock it foundation! I did some research and while there were some retractors, there were a lot of complimentary reviews from fellow oily skinned girls that raved about the coverage and the no transfer finish! So I decided to purchase it and test it for myself.

Normal primer on – I use Barry M Primer – its not too bad but I will take any recommendations! Then I opened up the bottle (it is SO beautiful it makes me want to show people on the bus like a crazy person) and put a pea sized amount in my hand. I am so glad I didn’t get more, as it was super covering!! I usually have issues with cakinesss around my nose and top lip but this really was not too bad on that factor. I didn’t put any setting spray or powder on to see how it would work, and then headed off to work where there is strong air con and heating, so it really would be put to the test as most foundations I use melt under this environment. 4 hours in, I popped upstairs on my lunch break, checked the mirror, aaaaaannnnd – Amazing. Only a little bit of oil popped through, it gave me a luminescent glow, as opposed to oil slick. I decided not to powder and left it for another 3 hours, when I was on my break. It hadn’t moved! It was all still pretty much dry and the oiliness hadn’t gotten worse! I usually have dry spots on my chin but it didn’t show them up, and the ghastly pimples that had sprung up a few days previous were all covered – I had put concealer on redundantly really!

All in all, I am so pleased with this foundation – I will do a follow up review with this once I have finished my bottle!

Purchase it HERE


T xx

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