Hi guys!

So this week I’m talking about meditation. It is a form of self regulation that means you clear the mind of thoughts and reach a state of consciousness that means you are at peace! Now its all a bit hippy dippy but for sufferers of anxiety and depression, it really can help. Once you clear your mind, you can get a focus on whats important in life. It is very difficult to do, and I still find it difficult. I choose to do it with myself, not in a group setting, as most things like exercise I prefer to do on my own (as I’m a weirdo). I use a free app called Headspace, and it really helps! Andy Puddicombe talks you through ten free sessions and then you have the option to buy more. I get by with the free ten, and it only takes ten minutes. Some day I’m so anxious my minds all over the place. Some days I’m super in the zone. The important thing is that it must be an everyday thing, and is as important as your daily exercise. It has surpassed hippies in the 70s and is now a legitimate form of therapy and exercise for the mind. I really recommend it, there are other apps out there too if this one doesn’t suit, and of course there are classes out there too! Give it a shot for a week, and tell me if you continue, and what you think!


T xx

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