Cruelty Free Makeup!

Hi guys!

So I’ve decided to set myself two challenges this winter. 1 – to start winter workouts – with help from The Body Coach (, and the second is to educate myself on animal cruelty, starting with makeup. Doing research on the Peta website, an astonishing amount of my makeup bag was not cruelty free (I kind of had expected this but was still shocked). Barry M is cruelty free. Rimmel is not. Revlon is not. Estee Lauder and Clinique is not (owned by the same company). This meant a huge percentage of my makeup is not cruelty free. But the great news is, there are so many great companies that are cruelty free, and have amazing products! The Kat Von D foundation that I reviewed awhile back, is cruelty free. It is a fantastic brand and really sings about animals and the importance of cruelty free. Here are some others that I have discovered on my journey.


Too Faced is a great company. They are cruelty free and their primers are to die for. Very soon you will see this collaboration with Kat Von D – in real life the founder of Too Faced and Kat are friends and have pulled together to bring this palette to life! I am so excited to see this and hopefully bag one of these! Again, cruelty free looks so good.

Another one I was hugely surprised with was Barry M. Around since 1982, they have made it their mission to provide cruelty free products, but they don’t make a song and dance about it, which I find quite refreshing. I have got many of their products, including their Eye Shine palette (below).


It is good on your budget if you can’t spring for the Too Faced or Kat Von D ranges, and very good quality!

Is their any cruelty free ranges you love? Comment below!

If you do do a makeup bag investigation, let me know how you got on!

T xx

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