Review: Simple Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Hi team! Welcome to another review. As always, I am not sponsored, I am just in love with the products I review! (And I buy A LOT so its worth telling you guys about it!)

So I had heard about facial oils and that they make your skin amazing and helps your oiliness if you have issues with this!

This product is great. I use Simple pretty much exclusively, I use their toner, day cream, night cream, eye cream, makeup remover cream, and now this. It is a great affordable line that really does wonders for my skin as they don’t add 100 ingredients. This Oil is 100% grape seed oil. Simple! It has Vitamin A and E also!So I had a terrible face of makeup from going to bed with my makeup on (I know) and I was feel a bit gross and my eyes were puffy from my mascara and eyeliner being on as they hate them anyway but all night is a stretch!

So I did what the packaging said – I dropped 2-3 drops onto my hand, then massaged gently into my skin and eyelids. And wow. It was AMAZING. It felt super weird at first, as its just oil, but you also put warm water on your face too and massage it in, then rinse off and your skin looks amazing.

I put my toner and moisturiser on straight away and then felt my skin and it was so soft. Like a baby bunny soft. Legit. I have not worn makeup today to see how my oiliness is and later on I will do some exercise to see how my oiliness is and update on a later publishing of this blog but I am super impressed!!

10/10 – would recommend to all skin types!!

Any other items you would like me to review?

T xx


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