Rings rings RINGS

I love rings. I love all kinds of rings. I wear SO many rings my hands look like an old mans. It is not enough to wear just my wedding rings. I MUST HAVE MORE.

Rings are the easiest thing to update your wardrobe. Your hands are almost as recognisable as your face and if you gesture when you talk, thats enough to show your rings off! So, I have collated 3 of my favourite ring stockists, get your peepers on these!


Image courtesy of Cherry Diva’s website

These ladies have gone from strength to strength – providing great jewellery at great prices, and they have just provided a great sterling silver range, again, super affordable! My favourite is the moonstone rings (insert heart eyes here!)


Image courtesy of RocknRose’s website.


This is one of my favourite websites to shop from. They have a great selection also, and my highlight are the zodiac ring (omgimanaries). Good for the lady friends in your life, kind of the grownup version of best friend necklaces (which they will never replace, so awesome!)


Image courtesy of RegalRose’s website.


These guys have an amazing new collection (enough to feed my goth soul) but they also do vintage rings! These are amazing, and if you are shopping for engagement rings at the moment, look no further – so pretty!


Let me know if you get anything, I want to see!

T xx

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