Athleisure? Fitness Gear? PE gear?

Hi team!

So over the last few years, the high street focus on selling fitness gear has been huge. Pretty much every retailer has their own line. Of course there are retailers like Sweaty Betty who just sell it on their own, but of course people want their favourite brands to sell it too, hence the demand! There are some crappy lines out there but I have chosen my 3 favourite lines, that are the shizzle. I feel cool when I wear it, and I almost want to spend the day walking about in it but I usually want to wear my onesie more so that wins really.


So I was working at H&M when their sports stuff came in, and you know what? It’s really really good. There are LOADS of bras, coordinating outfits, outdoor jackets, water bottles, headbands, etc etc. Even yoga mats! Here is my favourite running leggings:fitness-hm

So cute. Matching tops too.


Debenhams are pretty new to the game but their advantage is their designers are pitching in. So you have a beautiful line designed by Savannah Miller (Sienna Millers sister) which is just amazing. There are loads of bras, and lots and lots of mix and match items. I definitely recommend a look as this is stuff you can just chill out in too!

athleisure debenhams.jpg

See? Just go for a run, then go chill out with a latte or something. Easy Peasy.

Ivy Park

This is a bit of a cliche one, but I fortunately got to look at the new stuff recently and my god it is good and it is affordable. I was scared of the quality and price tag but both are quite good, and look cool. Of course you are paying for the thing in the first place because it’s Queen B but it is totally amazing to rock, and again, you can rock it even when you ain’t sweating.


Too cool for school. Get down to Topshop for this peeps.

Whats your favourite fitness gear from the high street?

T xx

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