Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Eye Palette – Review

So I discovered Makeup Revolution when I went into Superdrug for the first time this year (I know, shameful) and was blown away by their packaging, look, and feel of the brand. The prices are also amazing (£8 for a 32 eyeshadow palette!). After poring over the selection and deciding between Unicorns Unite and Mermaids Forever, I decided on the latter. And holy heck, what a palette. The emphasis on shiny eyeshadows vs matte is strong, but there are still everyday shadows to play with, and a smoky black eye too! Highlight is the pinks, greens and blues, and some fantastic purples. I am a total child when it comes to those colours and have found it incredibly easy to put together eye looks relatively simply and easy!


As you can see, there is such a range of colours! They need to be builded up a little bit, and already I’m running out of my base colour on the top left, but you can make so many great looks with this!

I recommend this to anyone who is new to makeup, doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, and wants to try all the looks they pinned on Pinterest!

Purchase here!

T xx

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