Review: Swamp Queen Palette

Hi team!!

So I was very lucky to get the Swamp Queen eyeshadow palette for Christmas, and was excited to try this baby out!!

Background: Swamp Queen is the creation of Tarte Cosmetics, and a Youtuber named Grav3yard Girl. She is amazing and wacky and awesome – I definitely recommend watching her!! Anyway they did this amazing collaboration, and I have always heard Tarte have a great reputation for cosmetics, so I was excited to try the two in one!

So it has 9 eye shadow shades, a bronzer, a blusher, and a highlighter.

There are lot of browny and purply tones to mix and match which are amazing for a day time look and then darker tones to smoke it up for evening. I use big baby, haunting and uncommon pretty much every day, and blush with does this thing really work!

The packaging is adorable and so the quality of the makeup is great, my makeup brushes aren’t the best unfortunately so I can’t get much colour on them so I have to keep building colour but with colours such as man cat and dogman even with a crappy brush it gives you great colour pay off!

The highlighter is an icy white and I just use it on my eyebrow bone, and the blush gives me a pink glow although you have to use it sparingly as the colour payoff is amazing!!

All in all, I would give this 7 stars out of 10. I want to try more Tarte cosmetics after this definitely after trying this product!!


Have you tried this palette? What do you think?

T xx


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