The Key To Fashion Trends

You all know it. Flip open a magazine and there are stick thin models wearing v expensive clothing that you may never afford but covet. Then it filters down to the high street. Then you try it on, and DUN DUN DUUUUN. IT LOOKS HORRIBLE. Heart breaks. It is a painful lesson to bear, that the item you have been coveting for months is NOT WHAT YOU THOUGHT IT WAS.

It happens.

The best way to navigate the trends is to pick items that will fit into your wardrobe easily and something that you can wear with at least three items.If you don’t wear it, it will sit there with price labels on until that style comes back around and you still can’t wear it.

For example, the newest trend is to mix prints and patterns. This can look like the print factory threw up on you. The key is to pick a colour and get items in that one colour, it will look good!

Another trend was gold midi skirts. Unless you are going to Studio 54, you probably won’t wear this one.

Luckily there are a lot of items that are perfect for your wardrobe. When you go into a store  look for the items that will update your wardrobe. I also advise trying something you would never try. Then you either might be surprised or validated.

The world of fashion is a crazy place but you can navigate your way. Don’t feel tempted to wear the latest trends, wear what makes you feel good and you will be setting the trends.

BTW – the 90s are back, for good or bad – so get a tattoo necklace and embrace it!


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