Spending Habits: The trials of a hardcore shopper.

Hi team!

So how many of you are broke right now? I know right? Its hurts. Moths literally fly out of my wallet. I have to shield my eyes from pretty shop windows, and even Primark is too expensive! I have to console myself with buying a ‘fancy’ body soap from Tesco to make me feel better.

So the Christmas and New Year hullabaloo is over. And now we have to start paying dem bills. And by god. Me and the ball and chain did our budget for the year (a year that includes a trip home to NZ) and it was eye watering. I think I passed out for a bit.

It must be known that Mumma likes to shop. I love getting new clothes, books, music, weird home stuff that we don’t have a place for yet! But unfortunately Mumma is not a lady of the night, nor has the job that Kim Kardashian has (whatever that is).

Mumma needs to ask work for a massive raise (pshaw) find a new job (still a while away) or reduce and monitor spending habits. I decided on the third one.

I drew up a chart in my Bullet Journal (blog coming on this phenomenon) and set out to track my spending habits over January and coming into February. I found out my weakness is sales. H&M. I bought about £40 worth of stuff from there. TK Maxx? £20. What was it? Clothes and stationary. Oh I love stationary. And while it is nice to have these, I didn’t need them! I have a huge closet full of clothes, and so much stationary. So much.

So this has woken me up bit and forced to me think long term about what I want. I have a student loan to pay for. A mortgage. A trip to New Zealand. A trip to Disney in Murrrca next year. These are all things I put on my Fuck It list (read my blog about this!) and want to achieve. So I have to knuckle down and really go for it this year.

Here are some tips that I found and I also use!

  1. Keep a tracker of EVERYTHING you spend. Even your Costa coffee.
  2. Sit on something for a week before you buy it. You might find that you might not want it by then.
  3. Ask yourself if you really need it. Do you have something at home that will be a better option?
  4. Why are you shopping? Are you bored? Distracted by the shiny shiny? (So me.) Then that is not a reason to shop.
  5. Shopping with friends. This is not really that good unless you are shopping for stuff you need or window shopping, otherwise you will buy some crap and have to return it, and well, thats effort. (ugh). Get some hobbies that mean you stay away from the stores.
  6. Make own lunches, brew own coffee, bake own cakes, etc. Get crafty!
  7. Don’t put toooo much pressure on yourself. If you see something cute, and you feel longing, get it! Life’s too short. Just make sure that you are really wanting this item and can’t live without it!
  8. Have a wardrobe clear out with me and we can sort out clothes that you can sell for extra moolah! Message me 🙂

Good luck team! Let me know how you get on.

T xx

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