Wanderlust: Residing in a different country from your own!

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Hi team!

So this weeks blog is about what happens when you live in a different county to your own.

At times, it can be amazing, and at times, it can be extremely difficult. Here are some scenarios:

  1. I get asked about New Zealand A LOT. I get the impression you Brits love NZ, but will never try to go there. I implore you – DO. Save the the money, take those weeks off work, and just DO IT. No excuses. You can stay with my Mum. (Maybe not).
  2. My accent really doesn’t go down with some people. I have to repeat and repeat sometimes, and this is fine with me as sometimes I have to get you guys to repeat yourselves too! I love the breadth of accents here, endlessly entertaining. My fav? The Brummie accent.
  3. Every three years or so, I make the choice to fly home to NZ to catch up with family and friends. Even though we are quite settled in the UK, it is still so important to keep those ties. My friends are having kids and I have a million children to see every time I get home (yay!)
  4. Food. I miss Seafood, chocolate bars you can only get at home, and NZ coffee.
  5. Its really hard being away from your family at key events – birthdays, Christmas, etc. It is so hard. And if something happens, you have to drop everything and go there. You have to.
  6. Living by Europe and in the UK is amazing. I went to Paris with my best friend and it was everything I thought it would be and more. hashtagblessedyall.

I definitely encourage everyone to try living in a different country at some point in their lives. It really is a great thing, and you find out more about yourself that ever before.

Are you living abroad? Whats your favourite thing about it? Comment me!

T xx

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Being a Lady today.


So today’s women want it all. We want to be the perfect mother, wife, friend, daughter. It is a constant marvel to me how some of my lady friends do it. This comes into the Facebook comparison of ‘Oh, her life is so amaaaaaazing’ etc etc.

This is a facade. Your girl is sitting in her pyjamas at 5pm, burnt out and eating Doritos.

I want it all, sure. I want to have a great job, be a great wife, friend, daughter. I want to Skype my mother more often than I do. I want to further my own start up business. I want to get involved in community activities. I want to read more, run more, and sleep more, as well as watch Orange is the new Black (I know, I STILL haven’t seen it).

But some days, it just doesn’t happen. And that’s okay.

I call it the spinning plates action. As per my last blog (Tiredtiredtired: A Woman’s story) – I am spinning many plates, and trying to keep them all going. If I concentrate on one thing, other things suffer. If I work too much at my blog, my husband isn’t hanging out with me (and that is tough y’all).

So I just go with the flow a little more each day, and say no a lot. Saying no is not selfish, it’s necessary. If you think you will be overloaded, strip off the excess items. You will feel much better about yourself and your life without the endless guilt trip of ‘Oh I need to do this’ etc.

This week I have organised my out of work workload into 3 weekday nights, so I can hang out with the husband on the weekend. This means that I work my butt off but then get time to read that book, see people, etc. And I won’t look at my email or anything. It’ll be amazing!

So think about your life, and what you want out of it. Is there any way you could make your life more simple? Is there anything people rely on your for that they realistically could do themselves? Do you need help with things?

Let me know how you are going with those spinning plates!! I’ll be the one running past with a podcast on French language (multitasking is my friend)!

T xx

Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer – Review

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You know what? Barry M is one of the best drugstore makeup lines out there. When I came to the UK I was drawn like a magpie to their nail colours (makeup in general is very expensive in New Zealand) and then when it came time to bump up my makeup I pretty much grabbed everything as it was a good price point for me to learn with. I went through a couple of primers and then tried this one.

I got the green one for redness, and there is a purple one for brightening your complexion.

Now I was intrigued on combining a primer and a colour corrector, so I got the green one and proceeded to try it. The consistency is like hand soap, a little tacky (which gave me confidence as a primer) and it was VERY green. I smoothed a pump full on my face and worked it into the skin. As a primer – great. As a colour corrector…not so much. It didn’t do much to my pimples or redness around my nose, but it did prime my skin fantastically ready for foundation!

In conclusion (sounds so formal) I recommend just springing for a colour corrector and a primer separately. Its a great idea, but it really doesn’t work in this case. Id be happy to try a new formula if they ever put it out, as this would be my dream product!

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