Ladies I admire and look up to.

Hi team!

This is a blog devoted to my lady heroes. I went onto the Forbes website and looked up the list of the top 100 most powerful women in the world to see how they stacked up and they are all in the Top 25! I’m glad the rest of the world agree. So I am not going into a full history, how they got there, this is just my appreciation for these ladies and I hope you comment your top 4 and why too!

Hilary Clinton (Number 2)

Hilary is amazing to me. She has worked hard for a long time to get where she is and even being defeated 2 times in the presidential campaign, she hasn’t given up. She has vanished from view, but lets not forget she is a grandmother and wife, and probably has a lot of stuff to do in her personal life and professional life. I hope to see her kicking back soon!!

Michelle Obama (Number 13)

This woman. She is the best First Lady I have ever seen in my lifetime. She is warm, funny, smart, and knows what she wants. She made life better for a lot of people and I don’t think I’ve seen a First Lady this proactive in everything from sports to music to talk shows. She is also smart in saying she wouldn’t run for president, which takes guts to do as I know a lot of people would love her to do it, but she is a people helper and loves doing that. Looking forward to seeing what she will do in the future with her new platform.

Oprah (Number 21)

This woman has lived her life in the public eye and still has remained elegant, cutting edge, and popular with everyone. She is a media mogul, having scooped many sought after interviews, and helped millions of people through advice on her shows or giving them a CAAAAAARRRR!!! YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR!


I love watching her and she does seem to be living her best life so definitely looking forward to what she does next!

Helen Clark (Number 22)

This one is very personal for me. This woman got me to vote. Well she didn’t show up at my door and take me down the polling station, but she made me think about me and my place in politics and what she wanted to do for lil ole New Zealand. She really sunk it in for me and I was so happy when she became our Prime Minister. This is a woman who a country still fondly calls Aunty Helen even when she went to work for the UN. She does amazing work, and I think she is incredible.

This list is a bit political heavy, but I feel it has more substance than one of those celebrity lists (which lets be real, I will probably do at some point). I hope you let me  know your lady idols, and comment!!

T xx

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Fashion and Confidence

Hi team.

Trying something new in fashion can be a jump. You could try a different colour, different style, or that sequin batwing top your wanted to try for ages. But at the end of the day, its about you heading out the door in that new style. It can take a lot of confidence to try something new, and while you may be a woman of today and not care what other people think, sometimes people say things that inadvertently make you feel less confident than you did while staring in the mirror at home.

Fashion was a way for me to build my confidence by wearing and doing whatever i wanted. Sequin MC Hammer pants? YOU BET. Minnie Mouse sunglasses? Defo.

What I find is that instead of people staring at you like an alien, they come over and say Wow. I wish I can do/wear that. Etcetera. A lot of people I find want to fight the norm and wear something amazing but can’t quite break out. It is easier than you think!

  1. Wear a colour youve always wanted to try. It doesn’t have to be a crop top bedazzled, it can be a nice blouse or trouser.
  2. Step up to a crazy accessory with a relatively plain outfit. People comment and support with great accessories.
  3. Support new items with plain. EG a black PVC wiggle skirt will suit a plain top. You could even try some Chuck Taylors to subvert the skirt even more.
  4. Dont worry too much about what the teeny boppers are doing. You can pick and choose what you want to wear from their fashions, but you are a grown ass woman and you can wear stuff they can’t.
  5. It sounds cliche, but life is too short to spend being boring. I love planning my outfits every day and will always wear something that is a little bit crazy to edge it up. People will stare, but it is because they want to do it themselves.


Please make sure when you are trying a new item, that it fits and you are comfortable wearing it. People know when you are tugging down a skirt or rearranging a top that you aren’t comfortable. Even if you step out of the house doubting your outfit, you need to own it and pretend your outfit is the BEST.


I want to hear your comments and what you are trying thats new!
T xx

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Review: Hello Kitty Instax Camera

Hi team! Welcome to my review on the Hello Kitty Instax Camera! So I wanted an instant camera, and started to have a look through all the brands. Fuji Films I have used a lot of for film projects and their products are great. I spotted the Instax Mini 8, which comes in many colours, and then I spotted the Hello Kitty version, created for the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty and was sold. It also came with a close up lens, a selfie mirror – which is two more features that the standard Instax doesn’t have – a Hello Kitty Strap, batteries (2xAAs) and special Hello Kitty photo paper, its just the cutest.

So I got a good deal on Amazon, and bought two packets of plain photo paper as well because I want to save my Hello Kitty ones for me and my niece as she is OBSESSED.

Unboxing this was so much fun. It comes in the cutest box, and you see the camera as soon as you open the lid. Let me tell you, it is big. But it is easy to grip onto when you are taking pictures.

It is really simple to use. The button on the right hand side pops out the lens and turns it on, and the left hand button takes the photos. It also has five settings – Home, Cloudy, Sun, Very Sunny and Hi Key (which makes everything softer and lighter). It also shoots from 60cm to 2.7 metres. You can also purchase close up lenses or coloured lenses.

You load the photo pack into the back, clip it in, and then do a random snap to get the back of the pack out, then you are ready to shoot.

My first shots were of my shelves in my bedroom with my trinkets, and then a selfie of me. They recommend under any circumstances do NOT shake the picture while it is developing, as it will mess things a bit, so just set it down and watch it happen.

The photo is a credit card size, perfect for sending to people and having in your wallet. I intend to send these to people for their birthdays, and commemorate great events, starting with one of my good friends weddings.

I am in love with this camera, it is so easy to use, and I am keen on letting my niece and nephew have a go so they can start looking at taking photos and making memories in a different way. I am also looking forward to putting it into my friends hands and watch them try and figure it out. It really makes me smile and I will definitely be using it in my blogging pics too, so thats also an excuse!!


T xx

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The Fuck Off Fund.

Hi! Welcome to another lady blog!

Its been really fun exploring some things us ladies deal with all the time, and now here is one giving hopefully helpful advice!

I came across this idea and it really spoke to me.

The Fuck Off Fund.

Basically you save money for a rainy day, but with a much more integrated personal touch.

Shit hits the fan? You have a little pot of money sitting there.

Now I am not going to say “You need to save x amounts of months pay etc” – I am just going to introduce the idea to you and why you should have it.

Every person needs a Fuck Off Fund. If you need to get out of a situation (e.g. relationship ends badly and quickly, you need to leave the country to see dying family, you need to leave your job, you need to support a friend or family member, or what individual purpose you need it for. The Fuck off Fund is entirely suited to you, but it’s not about saving for a great holiday, or that sale at the mall *Valley Girl voice* – it is a tool that you will have to throw money at a situation you maybe have found yourself in or something super unexpected hits you.

It’s not to run away from your problems because you have had a bad day. Thats what your Big Girl panties are for. Unless they are out on the line.

You need to be financially stable and know that whatever happens, it’s sitting there. Heck get a high interest bank account for it and watch it grow.

A nice idea I thought of is if that Fuck off Fund doesn’t get used, donate it to charity, and thank the heavens you never had to use it! Or start someone else’s Fuck off Fund.

So have a think about what the Fuck off Fund means to you, and let me know if you do start one off and what you would use it for!!

T xx

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Wanderlust: Residing in a different country from your own!

Hi team!

So this weeks blog is about what happens when you live in a different county to your own.

At times, it can be amazing, and at times, it can be extremely difficult. Here are some scenarios:

  1. I get asked about New Zealand A LOT. I get the impression you Brits love NZ, but will never try to go there. I implore you – DO. Save the the money, take those weeks off work, and just DO IT. No excuses. You can stay with my Mum. (Maybe not).
  2. My accent really doesn’t go down with some people. I have to repeat and repeat sometimes, and this is fine with me as sometimes I have to get you guys to repeat yourselves too! I love the breadth of accents here, endlessly entertaining. My fav? The Brummie accent.
  3. Every three years or so, I make the choice to fly home to NZ to catch up with family and friends. Even though we are quite settled in the UK, it is still so important to keep those ties. My friends are having kids and I have a million children to see every time I get home (yay!)
  4. Food. I miss Seafood, chocolate bars you can only get at home, and NZ coffee.
  5. Its really hard being away from your family at key events – birthdays, Christmas, etc. It is so hard. And if something happens, you have to drop everything and go there. You have to.
  6. Living by Europe and in the UK is amazing. I went to Paris with my best friend and it was everything I thought it would be and more. hashtagblessedyall.

I definitely encourage everyone to try living in a different country at some point in their lives. It really is a great thing, and you find out more about yourself that ever before.

Are you living abroad? Whats your favourite thing about it? Comment me!

T xx

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