SHB Brand Pick – New Look!

Hi team!

Welcome to another She Hangs Bright Brand Pick! This blog I am looking at New Look as they are killing it with the fashion this Spring/Summer! So without further ado, here are my picks, and as always, not paid by the companies, just love them!

The Cold Shoulder Top


The cold shoulder fashion has been around for awhile now and it will not be going away this season either! Not acquainted with the cold shoulder top yet? This top will change your mind. It shows a bit of skin but you can tuck it into your mum jeans or leather mini, it is just that versatile. And its only £8.99.

The Embroidered Dress


As I could not download a better picture, I encourage you to go straight to this link:

Smock Dress


So embroidery is still a huge trend and this gorgeous dress really drives it for Spring/Summer. The outfit is completely on point and what I would suggest you wear with it this summer for that Bohemian Goth look (see my blog about this HERE.

It is also a purse friendly £24.99. Get it before it goes!

The Skirt


This skirt taps into something for me. Its the pink, its the embroidery, its the top paired with it, its just the best. I love this so much. It also comes in black, and that might mean I might have to buy two skirts. Its also only £22.99. At the moment it only seems to come in the Petite range, so if you are not petite, try on a few sizes to see where you are at in this range. This skirt is coming into my wardrobe on payday!

So that is my edit of New Look and what they have to offer this season. You can visit their website here:

New Look

T xx

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