Wanderlust: Residing in a different country from your own!

Hi team!

So this weeks blog is about what happens when you live in a different county to your own.

At times, it can be amazing, and at times, it can be extremely difficult. Here are some scenarios:

  1. I get asked about New Zealand A LOT. I get the impression you Brits love NZ, but will never try to go there. I implore you – DO. Save the the money, take those weeks off work, and just DO IT. No excuses. You can stay with my Mum. (Maybe not).
  2. My accent really doesn’t go down with some people. I have to repeat and repeat sometimes, and this is fine with me as sometimes I have to get you guys to repeat yourselves too! I love the breadth of accents here, endlessly entertaining. My fav? The Brummie accent.
  3. Every three years or so, I make the choice to fly home to NZ to catch up with family and friends. Even though we are quite settled in the UK, it is still so important to keep those ties. My friends are having kids and I have a million children to see every time I get home (yay!)
  4. Food. I miss Seafood, chocolate bars you can only get at home, and NZ coffee.
  5. Its really hard being away from your family at key events – birthdays, Christmas, etc. It is so hard. And if something happens, you have to drop everything and go there. You have to.
  6. Living by Europe and in the UK is amazing. I went to Paris with my best friend and it was everything I thought it would be and more. hashtagblessedyall.

I definitely encourage everyone to try living in a different country at some point in their lives. It really is a great thing, and you find out more about yourself that ever before.

Are you living abroad? Whats your favourite thing about it? Comment me!

T xx

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