The Fuck Off Fund.

Hi! Welcome to another lady blog!

Its been really fun exploring some things us ladies deal with all the time, and now here is one giving hopefully helpful advice!

I came across this idea and it really spoke to me.

The Fuck Off Fund.

Basically you save money for a rainy day, but with a much more integrated personal touch.

Shit hits the fan? You have a little pot of money sitting there.

Now I am not going to say “You need to save x amounts of months pay etc” – I am just going to introduce the idea to you and why you should have it.

Every person needs a Fuck Off Fund. If you need to get out of a situation (e.g. relationship ends badly and quickly, you need to leave the country to see dying family, you need to leave your job, you need to support a friend or family member, or what individual purpose you need it for. The Fuck off Fund is entirely suited to you, but it’s not about saving for a great holiday, or that sale at the mall *Valley Girl voice* – it is a tool that you will have to throw money at a situation you maybe have found yourself in or something super unexpected hits you.

It’s not to run away from your problems because you have had a bad day. Thats what your Big Girl panties are for. Unless they are out on the line.

You need to be financially stable and know that whatever happens, it’s sitting there. Heck get a high interest bank account for it and watch it grow.

A nice idea I thought of is if that Fuck off Fund doesn’t get used, donate it to charity, and thank the heavens you never had to use it! Or start someone else’s Fuck off Fund.

So have a think about what the Fuck off Fund means to you, and let me know if you do start one off and what you would use it for!!

T xx

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