Fashion and Confidence

Hi team.

Trying something new in fashion can be a jump. You could try a different colour, different style, or that sequin batwing top your wanted to try for ages. But at the end of the day, its about you heading out the door in that new style. It can take a lot of confidence to try something new, and while you may be a woman of today and not care what other people think, sometimes people say things that inadvertently make you feel less confident than you did while staring in the mirror at home.

Fashion was a way for me to build my confidence by wearing and doing whatever i wanted. Sequin MC Hammer pants? YOU BET. Minnie Mouse sunglasses? Defo.

What I find is that instead of people staring at you like an alien, they come over and say Wow. I wish I can do/wear that. Etcetera. A lot of people I find want to fight the norm and wear something amazing but can’t quite break out. It is easier than you think!

  1. Wear a colour youve always wanted to try. It doesn’t have to be a crop top bedazzled, it can be a nice blouse or trouser.
  2. Step up to a crazy accessory with a relatively plain outfit. People comment and support with great accessories.
  3. Support new items with plain. EG a black PVC wiggle skirt will suit a plain top. You could even try some Chuck Taylors to subvert the skirt even more.
  4. Dont worry too much about what the teeny boppers are doing. You can pick and choose what you want to wear from their fashions, but you are a grown ass woman and you can wear stuff they can’t.
  5. It sounds cliche, but life is too short to spend being boring. I love planning my outfits every day and will always wear something that is a little bit crazy to edge it up. People will stare, but it is because they want to do it themselves.


Please make sure when you are trying a new item, that it fits and you are comfortable wearing it. People know when you are tugging down a skirt or rearranging a top that you aren’t comfortable. Even if you step out of the house doubting your outfit, you need to own it and pretend your outfit is the BEST.


I want to hear your comments and what you are trying thats new!
T xx

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