Ladies I admire and look up to.

Hi team!

This is a blog devoted to my lady heroes. I went onto the Forbes website and looked up the list of the top 100 most powerful women in the world to see how they stacked up and they are all in the Top 25! I’m glad the rest of the world agree. So I am not going into a full history, how they got there, this is just my appreciation for these ladies and I hope you comment your top 4 and why too!

Hilary Clinton (Number 2)

Hilary is amazing to me. She has worked hard for a long time to get where she is and even being defeated 2 times in the presidential campaign, she hasn’t given up. She has vanished from view, but lets not forget she is a grandmother and wife, and probably has a lot of stuff to do in her personal life and professional life. I hope to see her kicking back soon!!

Michelle Obama (Number 13)

This woman. She is the best First Lady I have ever seen in my lifetime. She is warm, funny, smart, and knows what she wants. She made life better for a lot of people and I don’t think I’ve seen a First Lady this proactive in everything from sports to music to talk shows. She is also smart in saying she wouldn’t run for president, which takes guts to do as I know a lot of people would love her to do it, but she is a people helper and loves doing that. Looking forward to seeing what she will do in the future with her new platform.

Oprah (Number 21)

This woman has lived her life in the public eye and still has remained elegant, cutting edge, and popular with everyone. She is a media mogul, having scooped many sought after interviews, and helped millions of people through advice on her shows or giving them a CAAAAAARRRR!!! YOU GET A CAR! YOU GET A CAR!


I love watching her and she does seem to be living her best life so definitely looking forward to what she does next!

Helen Clark (Number 22)

This one is very personal for me. This woman got me to vote. Well she didn’t show up at my door and take me down the polling station, but she made me think about me and my place in politics and what she wanted to do for lil ole New Zealand. She really sunk it in for me and I was so happy when she became our Prime Minister. This is a woman who a country still fondly calls Aunty Helen even when she went to work for the UN. She does amazing work, and I think she is incredible.

This list is a bit political heavy, but I feel it has more substance than one of those celebrity lists (which lets be real, I will probably do at some point). I hope you let me  know your lady idols, and comment!!

T xx

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