Fashion in Movies Series – Never Been Kissed

Hi team, and welcome to the first in a series of Fashion in Movies – a look at the good and the bad in film. I feel I should be in a leather chair with a bookshelf behind me telling you this.

Aaaaaanyway, the first film I picked because I just saw it on Netflix is Never Been Kissed, starring Drew Barrymore and David Arquette. This is an amazing film and Drew is the best. Without further ado, lets get into it!

  1. Her dowdy look.













At the start of film Josie Grossie (too good a name) is in brown, almost setting us up for the  transformation to come later on (I love transformation films!) wearing some kind of culottes and just general unfashionableness but with a heart of gold.

2. The change up. 

josie white.jpg

Dayum this is a strong look. Even for 1999, this is waaaay OTT. But the girl rocks it. Even if I am asking WHERE ARE YOUR EYEBROWS DREWWWWW

3. The flower top (that Phoebe wears in Friends, too cool

josie flower.jpg

This is a cuuuuuuute look guys. I wish this top was around. She looks adorable and the age she is trying to be undercover as. 10/10 – not even rating the outfits but this one deserves this rating!!

4. Prom – Pink Metallic



Oh my god it is amazing and terrible. The detailing. The sleeves. The braces. All of it. Holy heckalula.

5. Prom – Rosslyn Costume. 


So the theme was famous couples, and Josie went in this AMAZING dress. Nailed it.

6. Lets not forget these babes:

josie barbie.jpg

I am not up with the play on proms in America, but these are super weird costumes you guys. But whatever. They look like total babes even though in the film they hurt our Josie.

Honorable mention:

David Arquette. Not even going to post a picture. Just watch the film and bask in the glory that is David Arquette’s wardrobe. And weirdly it wasn’t too far off what he wore at the time.

Anywho this concludes my first blog on fashion in films, stay tuned for my next one!

What are some films you would like me to break down?

T xx

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Fitness. Fitnass? Fitness.

Hi team.

So I’m talking about Fitness. Now I’m all ’bout fitness pizza in my mouth but I’ve recently discovered this thing called Fitness. Fitnass? Fitness.

Quite frankly, I am dead inside. I eat so much crap. I don’t think about portion control. I think I’m at a food eating contest normally. The fact I am alive is remarkable.

But through my anxiety and depression I have discovered exercise actually really really helps. Getting out for a walk, or a run, really makes you feel a lot better. So I got the gear. (More about fitness gear in a future blog). I went for a run along my road and back. I nearly died. But I did it! And I remembered that I am good at solo sporting things. Not team sporting things, as I get super competitive. But competing against myself, I can do. So I run and run and run. I take up Body Coach. I do Pilates. And I feel better! Much better.

The thing now is to start eating healthy. So in my bullet journal (again, in a future blog) I am tracking fruits and veges I eat each day, water drunk, when I eat bad food etc. It really is forcing me to think better about my food choices.

Now I want you know that this is not about vanity. I don’t want rock hard arms and manly pecs, like Chandler in Friends. I want the ticker to keep going and get stronger. Thats it. I’m on my feet all day walking up and down retail floors, which is all very well and fine, but its not doing the ticker any good. This way I can get some exercise, without have to go to cringey classes and set my own pace.

What are you doing to improve yo fitness so you can eat more pizza?

T xx

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Job Hunting today.

Hi team!

So this month is centered on business and work! This blog I thought I would tackle job hunting!

Oh it is the worst. I hate job hunting. And I have changed jobs a few times now, but it never gets easier or better. I also got a wake up call as well on how old fashioned I am with the job hunting today.

I thought, Generic CV, a paragraph about how hardworking and motivated I am, bullet points of what I did in my jobs, two referees to give praise on how hard I work, and a cover letter that I just needed to switch names and companies on.


Todays job market is very competitive. Im sure you have seen various tweets going around about that you need to have a degree, be a recent graduate, and have 40 years experience in your field. While that is what it feels like, the most important thing is that employers need to see potential and some experience, even if you just did stuff at uni. Which leads me onto my next point, life experience.

Life experience is important, and should be a part of your CV. For example, I volunteered as a visual merchandiser with Barnardo’s while working my part time job, and with my full time job I am helping to coordinate a conference. These add to my skill set without taking a course (although I encourage you to do so if you can!) and add value onto you as a potential employee.

Networking. This is one that is new to me, knowing people in the industry you want to work in. How i tackled this one is to get into Facebook groups, set yourself up on Linked In (there are a lot of great groups on there) and look for local tea mornings and meet ups that you can attend and meet people who potentially may be able to help you get the job you want or know someone that can.

Set yourself apart and let people know that you are different. If you are a graphic designer, you can play with your CV and make it very individual without compromising your CV. If you are a marketing graduate with a need to get ahead, make a campaign marketing yourself! People who are looking at CVs average 6 seconds looking at the CV before they put it down (I should know, thats how long I did it too!).

Get jobs sent to your Inbox. I get Indeed, My World of Work, and Monster sent to my inbox, and then i can sit and look at jobs that are tailored to me and help me apply for them easily instead of trawling millions of websites.

Put it out there that you are hunting for a job. You never know whose mums friends sisters uncle owns a business that you can be a part of and can pop your CV into. This is an old fashion version of LinkedIn but really if you get a chat to a potential employer this will make a more lasting impression!

Above all else, treat it like a job in itself. Set goals, track your progress, and constantly research new ways to get yourself out there and get your CV in front of the right people!

Good luck if you are job hunting, and hope you found this useful. Now off to the emails to find my dream job! (Besides blogging that is!)

T xx

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What She Hangs Brightly actually IS!!

Hi team!

So I am over 1 year on She Hangs Brightly, and its been a great year! We have covered many topics over the year, and I have many more for over the next year!

This blog covers what I do and what I want to do.

I set up She Hangs Brightly to put together my fashion skills and retail experience, plus my love of social media and blogging. She Hangs Brightly is a wardrobe consultant and personal shopping business that endeavours to have a real girl (not yet a woman…I am 31 this year though!) to help you with your wardrobe and what may be holding you back!

Let me take you through the process, because I understand, someone strange coming to your house and digging around in your wardrobe sounds cringeworthy. What if they see that weird top you bought when you were 16? What about that dress with tags on you bought 6 years ago and shoved to the back of the wardrobe as you realised you hated the colour when you got out of the shop? These are all great questions, but as people can testify, I am super normal and I have a crazy wardrobe myself. Plus after I gutted 25 tshirts of my husbands from his wardrobe (some of them older than our whole relationship!) I am not phased by anything. I want to make it as comfortable for you as possible and show you ways to work your wardrobe to who you are and who you want to be!

So let me break it down.

I come over.

You show me your wardrobe. We start the process of donating, repairing, keeping and selling.

Donate. We bag up the donations and put them in the corner of your room to keep for a week. If you still want to keep some of them, by all means.

Selling. We put a pile of clothing to sell aside and talk about options such as Ebay or any other platform to sell them on.

Repairing. We can look at getting high price items repaired and actually available for you to wear.

Keeping. We then start putting together outfits for work, play, formal. This is where my skills and experience will come into play as we discuss you and what you are about, and provide you with some simple solutions.

We then can sit together and talk about any holes (not literally) in your wardrobe that you need to sort, such as a coat, or a work skirt, etc. And if you like, we can go shopping for them!

The whole process is relaxed, and informal. I keep everything confidential, or if you give permission, I will write a blog and omit your name – giving you a sparkly new one like Beyonce the second, or HotChick32 etc (wasn’t everyones hotmail address like this way back when?), it is completely up to you! Then I want to see pics of you rocking your new outfit as I love to see what you do with your new wardrobe, and with permission, publish them!

I am in the process of sorting gift vouchers also, its a great gift for someone who just wants to make their wardrobe work for them and not against them.

So there it is! The Pitch!

Please get in touch if you would like me to sort you out, unfortunately I am in Edinburgh only, although I will do a residency in New Zealand when I come over in September/October, and will come to Glasgow eventually too so please get in contact!

Prices are on my Facebook, and promotions are going on all the time so make sure you are on my Facebook and Twitter!

T xx

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Wardrobe Consultancy!

Hi team!

So I want to go into a little more on what I do and how I can help you with your wardrobe!

I took a poll on Twitter asking why you wouldn’t book an appointment with a Wardrobe Consultant, and the three options and results were:

  • Don’t need it – 75%
  • Too shy – 0%
  • Can’t afford it – 25%

These results were indicative of my hypothesis (trying to sound smart here) and proved very interesting!

Now I am very aware that a lot of people would consider my work a surplus service, a cherry on the top if you will. However I am firm in the belief that even a one hour session will help you and your wardrobe. Even just in the first stage of keep, fix, donate.

Every Spring and Autumn I gut my wardrobe and every time this rolls along I marvel at the crap I hang onto. All the items I bought over the season that I haven’t worn since, or thought I could work into my wardrobe but couldn’t!

As per my shopping mindfully blogs over March,I feel we all need to step up and take responsibility for this world and ourselves. I feel genuinely that a messy wardrobe really affects your mood in the morning, as everything is everywhere, and you don’t know what to wear, or worse, you aren’t finding inspiration. I want everyone to look in their wardrobe and think on how great they will look today in their outfit that they choose from it.

My wardrobe is just about due for a gutting and believe me, it needs it. There are so many things I haven’t worn over the season, so much black (for life y’all) so many wasted purchases! I am working on my wardrobe all the time too, its a life job.

I don’t want everyones wardrobe to look the same when I finish, I want it to look like a haven for them, a source of fun, and a showcase of their amazing taste and style.

So I would like you to think off my service as an investment. It may only be something you purchase once in a lifetime, but it will have far reaching stretches. It will start to reformat the way you shop, the way you think about yourself, and your peace of mind.

Now I want to finish this off by making it clear this isn’t just a spiel about buying my service, y’all know I write blogs giving you the tools to do this for yourselves (Wardrobe – from nightmare into daydream) but I genuinely love gutting peoples wardrobes and getting the satisfaction that someone is being helped with my service. I want your stories on if you have done it at home. I want to give you advice about it. Working customer service enables me to talk to customers everyday all day and I have heard so many stories of women struggling, that I really want to make a difference in this area.

So please, get involved! Tell me what you do in your wardrobe, what you love, what you hate, and if you want the real deal and you live in Edinburgh, give me a bell!

T xx

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