30 day challenges

Hi team!

So today I’m talking about 30 day challenges. I seriously lose interest in things quickly, so it actually is a real challenge for me to keep going with it! Last halloween i set up 31 days of halloween in an attempt to make sure I kept up with it. Posting pictures related to my second favourite holiday? Didn’t even make it to ten days. This year I’m determined to pick one that corresponds with my love of photography and take photos of the seemingly mundane, such as my bed or my wardrobe, a fence, etc. But this time, I am going to stick to it, and by the time you read this, I should be halfway through.

30 day challenges are a really amazing thing, and there are LOADS, all about fitness, gratitude, etc, etc. You can find one on any subject. On a personal note, it gives me something to look forward to, which is an important step in dealing with anxiety and depression. I love photography and stretching myself to make beautiful pictures.

So look one up, and do one with me. I want to see your results and any suggestions of any you have, let me know! Here is an example of a cool arty one I found!

T xx

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