Wardrobe Consultancy!

Hi team!

So I want to go into a little more on what I do and how I can help you with your wardrobe!

I took a poll on Twitter asking why you wouldn’t book an appointment with a Wardrobe Consultant, and the three options and results were:

  • Don’t need it – 75%
  • Too shy – 0%
  • Can’t afford it – 25%

These results were indicative of my hypothesis (trying to sound smart here) and proved very interesting!

Now I am very aware that a lot of people would consider my work a surplus service, a cherry on the top if you will. However I am firm in the belief that even a one hour session will help you and your wardrobe. Even just in the first stage of keep, fix, donate.

Every Spring and Autumn I gut my wardrobe and every time this rolls along I marvel at the crap I hang onto. All the items I bought over the season that I haven’t worn since, or thought I could work into my wardrobe but couldn’t!

As per my shopping mindfully blogs over March,I feel we all need to step up and take responsibility for this world and ourselves. I feel genuinely that a messy wardrobe really affects your mood in the morning, as everything is everywhere, and you don’t know what to wear, or worse, you aren’t finding inspiration. I want everyone to look in their wardrobe and think on how great they will look today in their outfit that they choose from it.

My wardrobe is just about due for a gutting and believe me, it needs it. There are so many things I haven’t worn over the season, so much black (for life y’all) so many wasted purchases! I am working on my wardrobe all the time too, its a life job.

I don’t want everyones wardrobe to look the same when I finish, I want it to look like a haven for them, a source of fun, and a showcase of their amazing taste and style.

So I would like you to think off my service as an investment. It may only be something you purchase once in a lifetime, but it will have far reaching stretches. It will start to reformat the way you shop, the way you think about yourself, and your peace of mind.

Now I want to finish this off by making it clear this isn’t just a spiel about buying my service, y’all know I write blogs giving you the tools to do this for yourselves (Wardrobe – from nightmare into daydream) but I genuinely love gutting peoples wardrobes and getting the satisfaction that someone is being helped with my service. I want your stories on if you have done it at home. I want to give you advice about it. Working customer service enables me to talk to customers everyday all day and I have heard so many stories of women struggling, that I really want to make a difference in this area.

So please, get involved! Tell me what you do in your wardrobe, what you love, what you hate, and if you want the real deal and you live in Edinburgh, give me a bell!

T xx

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