What She Hangs Brightly actually IS!!

Hi team!

So I am over 1 year on She Hangs Brightly, and its been a great year! We have covered many topics over the year, and I have many more for over the next year!

This blog covers what I do and what I want to do.

I set up She Hangs Brightly to put together my fashion skills and retail experience, plus my love of social media and blogging. She Hangs Brightly is a wardrobe consultant and personal shopping business that endeavours to have a real girl (not yet a woman…I am 31 this year though!) to help you with your wardrobe and what may be holding you back!

Let me take you through the process, because I understand, someone strange coming to your house and digging around in your wardrobe sounds cringeworthy. What if they see that weird top you bought when you were 16? What about that dress with tags on you bought 6 years ago and shoved to the back of the wardrobe as you realised you hated the colour when you got out of the shop? These are all great questions, but as people can testify, I am super normal and I have a crazy wardrobe myself. Plus after I gutted 25 tshirts of my husbands from his wardrobe (some of them older than our whole relationship!) I am not phased by anything. I want to make it as comfortable for you as possible and show you ways to work your wardrobe to who you are and who you want to be!

So let me break it down.

I come over.

You show me your wardrobe. We start the process of donating, repairing, keeping and selling.

Donate. We bag up the donations and put them in the corner of your room to keep for a week. If you still want to keep some of them, by all means.

Selling. We put a pile of clothing to sell aside and talk about options such as Ebay or any other platform to sell them on.

Repairing. We can look at getting high price items repaired and actually available for you to wear.

Keeping. We then start putting together outfits for work, play, formal. This is where my skills and experience will come into play as we discuss you and what you are about, and provide you with some simple solutions.

We then can sit together and talk about any holes (not literally) in your wardrobe that you need to sort, such as a coat, or a work skirt, etc. And if you like, we can go shopping for them!

The whole process is relaxed, and informal. I keep everything confidential, or if you give permission, I will write a blog and omit your name – giving you a sparkly new one like Beyonce the second, or HotChick32 etc (wasn’t everyones hotmail address like this way back when?), it is completely up to you! Then I want to see pics of you rocking your new outfit as I love to see what you do with your new wardrobe, and with permission, publish them!

I am in the process of sorting gift vouchers also, its a great gift for someone who just wants to make their wardrobe work for them and not against them.

So there it is! The Pitch!

Please get in touch if you would like me to sort you out, unfortunately I am in Edinburgh only, although I will do a residency in New Zealand when I come over in September/October, and will come to Glasgow eventually too so please get in contact!

Prices are on my Facebook, and promotions are going on all the time so make sure you are on my Facebook and Twitter!

T xx

Facebook: @tarynhangsbrightly

Twitter: @tarynlikesyou

Instagram: @shehangsbright


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