Review: Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream

Hi team!

Welcome to Part 2 of my everyday moisturisers! This week I am talking about the Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream Moisturiser.

So as I said in my last blog (review here) I use the Simple range for my every day moisturisers, because they work on my skin and achieve what I want out of moisturiser. I’m fairly new to using a night cream, but as I get older I am realising the importance of looking after my skin and keeping it looking healthy.

So the Simple Night cream says it has two vitamins, and 4 skin loving ingredient. The consistency is like a jar of mayonnaise, a little thicker and gloomy, but when you smooth some on (and you only need a little bit, it goes on creamy and does leave a slight sheen, making your skin look glowy. When I wake up in the moment my skin is a little oily, but I feel that my skin is looking well and has no reactions whatsoever.

Overall I would give this a 10/10!

Have you tried either of my everyday moisturisers? Let me know what you think!

T xx

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