Tiredtiredtired – A Woman’s Story.

Hi team!

You ever get that feeling you are spinning too many plates? The old trick of spinning plates on sticks and trying to keep them all going? Just me with that analogy?  Okay.

At the moment, life is busy. Hands up if you are in the same boat.

I went from being a Netflix ho to a business lady. And it’s a totally spin around I can tell you!

I am best when I am busy. And since I don’t plan on having kids I am resting my best life with the time I have. This means contributing to my community, setting up my own business, and trying to change careers. This means that I am on the go 24/7.

I am writing this blog instead of doing networking, replying to emails, and looking at stats on my blog pages as I am just tired and want to think about ways to relax.

So here are my sure fire ways to make sure you stay sane amongst the madness

  1. Take a bath. I have some Soap and Glory bath stuff that I got from my Secret Santa (holler at you!!)
  2. Read a gloriously thick magazine. (LOVE magazine is out now, and its a helluva great read).
  3. Watch that shitty movie on Netflix you love, even if you have seen it a million times.
  4. Do some stretches and twists, it will relax your body even more.
  5. Submit to a cat nap or going to bed early. It will help, promise.

Any other ways you take time out from your busy life?


T xx


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