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Hi team!

So over the last few days  I have seen heated Twitter debates on what people should and shouldn’t blog on. Both sides had excellent points but the main thing is…


Blogging for a lot of people, both to read and to write is a form of fun and relaxation. Some of my top blogs are beauty reviews, and this does come in useful for people wanting to try new products, however I do devote a lot of time to fashion and lifestyle also. I tackle the mental health issues as well, but I feel that my style is very much a dorky valley girl tone.

I love blogs that write about changing the world, and having awareness of the issues around them, some of them are very profound and forward thinking, and I love to read them!

And if I’m tired, or a bit down and want something to cheer me up, of course I want to hear about what you have in your handbag, or what you got from ASOS! Bring it.

The point is I really think people should stop pointing fingers and appreciate that we are a big community and there is something for everyone. As a blogger, you can write on whatever you want, and if you want to help people out with beauty problems, self esteem issues, or political thoughts then go right ahead. We all get readers and fans of our work and they come to us because they like our tone, or our writing appeals to them.

I feel that people that are hating on Twitter should remember that it takes all kinds and we are all the better for embracing our blogging similarities and differences.

What do you think? Have you been the subject of stuff like this before?

T xx


Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Cream

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Hi team!

So this weeks review is on the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula cream!

My skin is thirstier than a bae. For real. I have tried so many different brands but my skin vacumns them up and pretends they aren’t there. It was very annoying as I want a glow to my skin on my body (not my face, heaven forbid) but it’s really hard to find a product. I reached for the Palmers product as it claimed to do (of it’s many points)

  • provides 24hr moisture
  • softens and relives skin
  • smooths marks and scars
  • paraben free

So i opened it up, and it smells like cocoa, but very very faintly. It is fragrance free but obviously the cacao extract shines through.

It is light yellow, and is quite thick but goes into the skin with ease. It also gives you a sheen to the skin that is really nice and doesn’t feel too chemically. It is also a animal testing free, and is good for sensitive skin.

I would rate this one 8/10 – I would like it to be even more moisturising than it is, but then I’m greedy for some shine on my lacklustre skin.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

T xx

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Review: Quick Fix Facials Exfoliating Scrub Mask Blackheads and Blocked Pores

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Hi guys! Welcome to another review!

This week I’m reviewing the Quick Fix Facials mask. So I have used a few in the range before, and this one is a new one for me so I thought I’d review it!

This one is the Blackheads and Blocked Pores Mask.

On the back, it says the 3 main ingredients to help this is Pink Rose Clay, Glycol Acid, and Pomegranate extract all designed to cleanse and decongest the skin, balance uneven skin tone, and antioxidants to encourage radiant skin.

Opening it up, it smells like roses, which is amazing as I am such an old lady when it comes to my rose scents!

So the instructions say to put a generous layer onto damp skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes, and massage onto problem areas. I do so and then mosey around for 10 minutes scaring the neighbours. I then wash it off and moisturise, and I feel like my skin is lighter! I wear a very heavy foundation and also like a matte look, so my skin is usually crying out for moisture a lot of the time, so this mask is perfect to rebalance my skin.

I would recommend, and any of their other range is really good also!

I give it an 8/10!

T xx

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