Edinburgh Festival: A Kiwi girls Guide to the shows to see!

Hi guuuuuuuuuuuys!

So the Edinburgh International Festival is happening, and there are so many amazing things going on! Every year people descend on Edinburgh for a month of gigs, fireworks, and street performers. By the 3rd week the locals are rolling their eyes a tiny bit but for now WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So I thought I’d put together the shows I will be hitting this month and I hope you do too.

Tape Face – The best of Tape Face – Pleasance Grand – August 2 – 27 (Not 15)

This show is amazing. It won the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2012 and it so deserves it. It really showcases the talent of this guy and is a funny and heartwarming show. He reached the finals of Americas Got Talent and sold out his show in 2013. The best show I saw of him was when he got an audience member up and then through a series of movements got her to do the clay pot making scene from Ghost. It was HILARIOUS. I really recommend it.

Modern Maori Quartet – Assembly George Square Studios Three – August 3 – 28

I’m biased, sue me. 4 Maori boys crooning on an afternoon? Sure! Sign me up. Plus they are funny and good for a laugh. I definitely will be seeing this show with a glass of NZ wine in my hand!

Barnardo’s Big Comedy Benefit – Venue150 at EICC – August 10

This is one close to my heart as it is my chosen charity and they do an amazing job at what they do! Previous acts have included Nina Conti and David O’Doherty, its a great gig for a good cause and it won’t disappoint!

Lush Lock-In – Lush Spa Edinburgh 115 Princes Street – August 4,5,11,12,18,19,25,26

Um….lock in at Lush? Yes please!!! They are offering product making, bath art, charity talks, live music, a free cuppa and free massage treatment tasters! First come first served and free so get your butt to one PRONTO.

Is Your Online Reputation Hurting You? – New Town Theatre – August 11

So this is a really interesting event I will be attending, as more than ever we have to be aware of what we put out online. Nicola Osbourne from the University of Edinburgh Digital Footprint team gives a talk on this including the traces we leave online and why we should care.

Making a Murderer – A Conversation with Defence Attorney Jerry Buting – New Town Theatre – August 09-13

If you were obsessed with Making a Murderer as I am, you have to get to this event. I was obsessed with the series and now I want more. Jerry Buting will talk about the American criminal justice system and Steven Avery’s case. Time to get my nerd hat on 🙂 🙂

Darius Davies: Road to Wrestlemania – Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters – August 3-14, 16-28

This is the story about how Darius Davies wanted to be a professional wrestler and failed! With many funny bits, this will be a great show on someone following their dream and what happened!

Auld Reekie Roller Girls Host Roller Derby British Champs Triple Header – Meadowbank Sports Centre – August 12

I am SO DOWN with this. These girls are superheroes to me and I am so excited to watch them in motion and at 8 pounds, its a bargain to watch these ladies in action!!

That is my list!! Let me know if you are going and your reviews!!

T xx

PS – Looking for cool places to go? Read my blog on Edinburgh’s Hidden Places to go!




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