I bought an iPhone 6s in 2017


Hi guys!

So I am a little bit techy, however for the last 3 years I have owned an iPhone 4s, and have had people point and laugh at how old my phone is. The updates stopped for my phone awhile ago, it refuses to do video, which as a blogger is very important to me, and the camera overall isn’t great. However I am not someone who upgrades every time there is a new phone, I like to take my time and choose the right phone for me!

When I was in New Zealand, my 4S did okay, but not the best. It took some photos, did not entertain video AT ALL, and was very slow. So I had enough! Of course, being overseas meant I could try and do duty free or perhaps take advantage of the pounds to dollars change or vice versa.

I am definitely an Apple girl, I have the computer, the iPad, the iPod, and the iPhone, and I’m pretty happy with it, So I knew that I was going to get an upgrade, but what one?

I knew I didn’t want to get the 8 or the X. I don’t like to get the latest phone as I prefer to see what goes wrong or what people don’t like about it in the first few months so I can see if it is a phone that is actually worth the high price they pay for it.

I looked at the 7 and 6 models, along with the plus versions. I was put off the plus versions as I drop things a bit and didn’t want to drop this phone. Plus I also have my phone in my pocket all the time instead of in my bag so I wanted to have something I could throw in.

I had a look on a few websites both in NZ and the UK, and duty free as well, but decided to purchase through Giffgaff, who I actually have a contract with. They had a great price on the 6s, and they also do a marketplace where you can buy secondhand phones. I got my 6s, 64gb, rose gold, in excellent condition for 379 pounds. And I have to say, even if it is 2 to 3 models down from the latest phones, and is only two models up from my old one, its pretty damn great.

I set it all up on a Saturday night as I am a loser, while my husband was sick in bed next door (truly living that life) and was amazed at the cool features the 6s has. It looks amazing for a start, with curved edges and a rose gold hue, and surprisingly easy to hold even without a case.

I also upgraded 2 updates with this phone, and with it came so many features and access to apps I hadn’t had before! I could use TouchID – including Apple Pay which is my new favourite thing by far. I can take great photos with the quality camera and use Slow Mo Mode, which I hadn’t had before. Plus having a phone with so much more space means I can take photos for my blog and not have to worry about how many I take to get the best photos. I can also edit with more editing apps, and download iMovie to use, as this phone likes to do video!

So I would say when you are upgrading, don’t go for the new fancy one. Go for the brand or the phone that does what YOU want it to do. And if it isn’t the new fancy one, go secondhand. There are a lot of amazing websites that provide really great quality second hand phones, such as Music Magpie and Giffgaff who do a thorough check on each phone and provide you with a charger cord and a warranty also. It means that when the updates run out in a couple of years or so, it means you haven’t spend a lot of money on a new version of an old phone, and you can put the money towards the phone at the time that does what you want it to do.

I’m in love with my new phone and have no regrets about buying a 6s in 2017!

T xx



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