Boston and Hawthorne

Edinburgh, Review

I recently attended the press dinner for Boston and Hawthorne, which had it’s official opening! It is at 50 Dean Street in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, and I had seen previously that the pub that was there before was being renovated, and naturally was very curious about it!

When I walked in, I was amazed at the space. They had a bar on the left hand side, then big booths and bar leans. It isn’t the biggest, but it doesn’t need to be. I knew this place would be packed out all the time after it opened. I took a look around the bar and knew it was so my style. They had tribal masks, animal skeletons, and various other oddities in glass cases around the bar. They also had a prime photo point with the name of the bar on the wall over a cool leather couch. Sack curtaining was a great touch, and they had exposed beams and brick giving it a very cool medieval look.

I ordered from their very affordable cocktail list a Sweet Sweet Sorrento which was super delicious and creamy with a definite kick! I also witnessed a few more drinks being made that definitely made me want to try more.

We had a sit down dinner that was different in that we had a huge sharing board with 12 hour applewood smoked venison haunch, duck, potatoes, aubergines, and squid ink rice balls, and it was all eaten with our hands! Plus we had mead, which I have never tried before, and I found it really good and fitted well with the meal.

Afterwards, we got a cocktail, and I tried a Seaweed Martini. It arrived with a piece of dried seaweed attached to the glass! It looked and tasted amazing, and definitely got oohs and ahhs from the table.

The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the bar was playing really cool upbeat music giving the whole bar a warm welcoming vibe. This will be a great bar to be in in wintertime, sharing a board with friends and family with a selection from their extensive drink selection.

All in all, would definitely recommend this to everyone who wants somewhere cool and different to go in Stockbridge that has great food, great service, and plenty of aesthetically pleasing trinkets to make your Instagram friends jealous.

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Boston and Hawthorne Website

T xx

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