Review: Soap and Glory – The Fab Pore 3 in 1 Oil Control Serum

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Hello fellow greasy girls. As this blog is published after lunch UK time, swipe your T-Zone and tell me how much you get on it. Enough to fry an egg? Read on…

So I am a growing fan of Soap and Glory. As I get older and the bags under my eyes get bigger I am now getting to the point where I am trying to freeze my face and skin without getting all the Botox. So when I saw this range at my local Boots I had to pick up some. I need a primer that is going to works hard, and since this one claims to Mattify, Prime, and Refine, I invested.

So on the back, it tells you that you can use it alone before moisturiser, or under makeup as a primer. I will probably only use it under makeup, and I am currently working with Kat Von D’s Lock it Foundation (Review here) which is great, but does still give me a slight sheen. So I squeezed out a pea amount onto my hand (its pink!) and then smoothed it into my T Zone, let it dry, then applied my makeup as usual. My day consisted of working in a store under hot lights and air conditioning, so I need my foundation and primer to work together as a team to make sure I am not a greasy face lady halfway through the day.

It performed pretty well! I was quite impressed! I had a day of running around and lifting things and generally sweating it out, and it seemed to cope pretty well. I didn’t feel that my skin was overproducing oil to combat the product, as my skin tends to do with some brands, it seem to be doing alright with it.

So I would give this a 8/10 – I hate any kind of sheen and it did give me a slight sheen but I think to a normal person it’s a lovely glow (I hate glow, I love a matte face).

Have you tried it? Tell me what you think!!

T xx

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