I Bought an Apple Watch Series 1 in 2018!

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Hi guys!

This week I am talking about my Apple Watch that I closed my eyes and hit buy on Boxing Day. Oh boy am I eating noodles for the next few months!

So an Apple Watch, really any smart watch is really a luxury. You really don’t NEED one. Its almost an upgraded version of a beeper, except mine tells me to stand up all the time which over the festive period is annoying as you want to be in your bed watching Friends.

I bought one off Music Magpie secondhand in Acceptable Condition, and its pretty much perfect. It only didn’t come with a charger and it didn’t have brand new straps with it but its in great shape. I followed a similar route when I bought my iPhone (link to blog at end of blog) in that I didn’t go for the latest, I went for one in my budget and one that does what I want it to do.


After wearing it for a few days, and getting used to it it’s very interesting. In a world of constant beeps of phones, loudness in cities, and everything else, I did wonder if my anxiety would come into play with me being tapped on and beeped at all the time. As it turns out, my phone is now more annoying. My watch has a good range of apps that have moved over from the phone so I get notifications about emails etc but Facebook and Twitter updates are just very simple and I can’t go into the app from my phone so it means if it doesn’t matter straight away, its fine. I do like bells and whistles on my phone but I think I might take a more sedate approach with it to live a quieter life.


The other great thing about this is the Activity app. I chose my settings for Exercise, Move, and Stand goals for the day and then saw how it went over a day. I also have a Pedometer app on it also trying break that holy 10,000 steps mark (which over the festive period is very hard to achieve at least for this woman) and seeing what I actually do over a day.

At work, because I am a shop girl and am on my feet all day, its very easy to get over 10,000 steps, with one day going over 20,000 as I went running errands after work also. I also managed to close out my Move and Exercise rings as well, showing that I really do have an active job and while I veg out on my days off, it really isn’t as bad as I thought!


I also love find super weird that you can answer calls with it, rendering you the dream of people in the 80’s. I tried this with my husband in the same house and it was really weird. I’m not sold on it, but you never know, around the house it could be alright. I hate being that person with headphones on and phone up in the air in public so I can imagine what me talking into my watch will look like.

I also find interesting paying with my watch. I LOVE this on my phone, and its very bad as I’m obsessed with paying with my phone now instead of my cash or cards, which means my wallet is now useless. However paying with your Apple Watch is very weird and I am not sure I will make it a part of every day but it is cool to try out. Mostly as the cashiers look at you like you are a little bit nuts.

You can find a lot of apps on the phone that migrate with you, and even some great games on there too. With the companion app on your iPhone, you can set clock faces (hello Minnie Mouse!) and also tweak your settings, apps, and customise everything about it. It has a dedicated app store also, so you can see what you can put on your watch to aid you everyday. I don’t tend to have too much on to be honest, just stuff like the weather, messages, email, and all the fitness stuff.

You can store music on it also, and hook it up to bluetooth speakers or headphones. You can also use the iTunes remote on there to DJ at your parties or gatherings. I haven’t done this too much yet but can see that in the summertime when the weather is fine you can reach right up and touch the – sorry. Got into a Shaggy song there.

Straps are a big deal too. You can have fancy pants straps with pearls and jewels, or you can dial it back to a silicone no nonsense watch. I obvs am eying up a gold glitter strap and a hot pink silicone strap as I am me, but there are so many options besides Apple’s options on Ebay too, just worth a search!

At work I don’t have my phone on the floor at all so the watch is good as I would like to just use it as a watch sometimes and don’t have time to check every notification that comes in over the day. However on my days off it means that when I am in the zone, I can see whats important and should be addressed re an important email.

If you are looking to get one of these, definitely try out a few. Some are more Sport focused, some are definitely more luxury, but if you are wading in, head over to a website like Music Magpie to see whats on offer and if you can get a good condition one. Often people just upgrade like crazy so you may end up getting a watch that wasn’t worn or used that often for a great price. And as for the reason for getting one? It doesn’t matter.

Have you got one? Tell me the apps you use!

T xx

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