My £2.99 Beauty Secret

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Hi Team!

I know it’s not a secret now that I have written a blog about it but humour me OKAY.

So I have discovered something new (to me anyway), something affordable, and something that I am now going to use in place of my usual.

Let me introduce you to the battle of the oval brush vs the blending sponge!


So you might have read my foundation journeys (links down below) and the fact that being an oily faced girl sucks sometimes. Once you found the foundation of your dreams there is finding the best way to apply it.

So I tried a sponge, the Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge as I loved the style of it and the fact it proclaimed to get into the nooks and crannies of my eyes (which are darker than a goths soul) and it had a great texture. It did really well but the only thing was it really was a pain to make sure the foundation got into my pockmarked face. Side note: I picked at my face when I was a teen and although it is much better now there are many little scars over my face and enlarged pores that foundation likes to pour into and make it look like a muffin tin with raw mixture in it. Gross right?

So I did like my sponge but then I was in Lidl and spotted they had a makeup bit. I have seen a few bloggers review the makeup and haven’t tried it (future post maybe?) and had a nosy, but what caught my eye was the oval makeup brush for £2.99. It had pink bristles (always a winner) and a black handle. I had seen bloggers review this kind of brush and was very intrigued to see how it differed from a normal makeup brush and also a sponge.


So I took it home and popped my foundation on my hand to warm up, then tapped a bit onto the brush and did my forehead. Wow. It was like painting a painting but more like painted white onto a ghost. It covered my skin and didn’t sink too badly into my pores. I also liked what it did for my under eye areas and actually seemed to cover. I then sealed with powder and went on with my day. I tend to work under hot lights and air conditioning, so by lunchtime my skin can often be a crazy oily mess. By the way, I will write about it, but another foundation I have tried is  The Body Shop’s Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation in Kaili Azalea (I recently discovered I have a pink tone to my skin). So anyway, I found that my skin stayed matte all day, there were no brush strokes, and my powder stayed on well.

The technique with the brush is to brush (obviously) and the sponge you have to dampen before you pop the makeup on. Sometimes I find the moisture doesn’t help with matte foundations as they are made to be adverse to water and moisture so I find the application doesn’t go on as smoothly. And the brush is synthetic so there is no product left on the bristles whether the sponge does still tend to absorb a lot of product.

I know people like to apply makeup differently but I really think the oval headed brush is the way to go. You could go crazy and get the eyeshadow, concealer, blush brush etc but really, like the sponge, you can use it for a lot. I applied my colour corrector with it and it went well and not into the fine lines underneath my eyes!

Do you use a oval brush? Or are you firmly on the sponge team?

T xx

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