I got a job!


So I have some exciting news this week…


An actual company hired little old me to take over their social media and marketing y’all.

So this is a long journey to get to this point, and really started when I reached my high point as a Store Manager of a shop in London. You are getting a cup of joe and listening this old woman ramble on darnit.

I had a complete burnout breakdown. It was the hottest summer in London for a long time, I was drinking wine like it was going out of fashion, with a 45 hour week and four hour commutes daily.

I fell out of love with retail.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew after years in retail, this wasn’t it anymore.

We moved back to Edinburgh and I got another job in retail, and it was lower down the career ladder, which was a lot better. Another job in retail followed, and in the space of two years, I suffered two major burnouts/breakdowns.

On the side of working retail, I had started a blog. It started out as a hobby, and it really has formed my writing skillzzzzz (see) and also provided an outlet. I also found that mental health really resonated with my audience so it was a great way to start talking with people and get it more out in the open. I also started to try to get into social media, I wrote for a couple of companies, covered an event, and also helped out with an events company I am proud to be of (EBC/BBE whoop). I also made some great new blogger friends who really supported what I was doing and helped me get my blog out there.

I started going on courses to reacquaint myself with marketing and also get the best knowledge of social media other than what I had figured out over the years. I ran my own blog’s social media, also helped run other peoples ones and did consultations.

I started believing in my skills and knowledge and my unique place in the industry. Then came the job hunting. What a soul destroying thing it is to fill in a million applications and get back nothing, or a pretyped letter saying thanks, but no thanks. It is a really hard process and I hunted for a job every single day for months. Over time I did get better at it (will post a blog on some tips) and my writing helped me create some great cover letters.

I applied doing social media and marketing for a beauty salon. It sounded fun and was close to my house, so I put my application in and forgot about it. I got a phone call from the boss asking a few questions about me, then got another phone call a few weeks later from the current marketing assistant asking a few more questions. I then went in for an interview with the assistant, then an interview with the boss. After that, I went in for a couple of training sessions to check I was happy with everything, and then I got the job!

Going from a retail environment to an office one is quite a big change. I manage my own time, don’t have to let anyone know I am going to the bathroom, and I can snack anytime I want. Plus I get discount on beauty treatments fulfilling my lifelong dream to be one of the Kardashians. I’ll be Karyn, obvs.

The most exciting and scary part is that my dream that I have worked hard for has come true. It’s only part time, but it means I can now go freelance and help people with their social media in Edinburgh and beyond. I can work for myself, finally get my dog, and project manage my house renovations. It means that I can work hard at a job that I love, walk home (20 minute walk) and work 9-5 with WEEKENDS.

Life will still be by no means perfect, but it is nice to know that my hard work has paid off and that I can really now enjoy the rewards of my hard work. I will still strive to rise in my new chosen profession and do the best work I can for my job and my clients.

If you are on the same journey, please let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear how you are going!

T xx

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