My Favourite IPhone Apps!

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Hi team!

So this blog is all about my favourite apps. I have realised I am actually quite techy, and I love being organised. I also love to play games on my phone as well. So I thought I would review a few of my favourite apps and I hope that they help you too!

asana logo


Asana is my most favourite app on my phone. I love being organised and this app is amazing. I got recommended it by one of my good friends and a fellow blogger Kayleigh (her blog linked here) and it helps me day to day.

The best thing about it? When you complete a task a unicorn or a narwhal flies across the screen. I was sold, obvs.

So you can set up a team or yourself, and then set up individual projects. I have Blogging, Business, Weekly Tasks, and my New Years Resolutions. I can then fill in my tasks and log them into each projects. If you have a team you can assign people to different projects as well, and keep an eye on how everyone going.

I set my tasks to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. This helps me to keep a track on what I am doing and if I am ahead, I can start tackling tasks that don’t have a date or are in the future to complete.

You can use this for work, personal, project planning, and so much more!

preview for instagram

Preview for Instagram

This app has started to become one of my favourite apps to use in partnership with Instagram. I recently started organising my feed by colour, and this app is perfect for doing that. You upload all your pictures to the app, then organise it by however you would like to organise it, by colour, or blocking, or however Beyonce does it (how cool is her feed?).

It has a range of filters so you can make every photo have the same filter. This means you can attain uniformity so your feed looks great. It also gives you great editing tools also to fine tune your image before you publish it.

You can schedule via the app, and also post via the app, however I wouldn’t recommend this, as the scheduling will remind you to post the item, but if you aren’t around your phone at that time, you will miss the opportunity to post at the opportune time. And with posting direct from the app, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to tag people in it or set your location. So I would recommend pulling all the pictures in, sorting it into the feed you want, then posting as you go. It really helps as sometimes you have a little trouble on what to post that day and it really helps to make sure you are constantly engaging with Instagram.

neko atsume app

Neko Atsume

Here is the history of the game before we launch into this fantastic game: “Yutaka Takazaki, the developer of the game, said that his goal was to create a game that even children could enjoy without a significant investment of skill or time.[9]While he loves cats himself, he has said that “to be honest, I do not know why this game is so popular.”[9] The game “was made between the development of other applications”.[10] Originally it was a software of the “just look and enjoy” style for players who like cats, and could be completed in 2–3 weeks for free.[11] Takazaki says, “We’re not going to put cheats or complexity in it, and we would like to pursue a game that can be enjoyed with only simple operations.”

This game was released in 2014, and I had heard a lot about it, but never played it. Well, what a journey. This game is so simple, yet so satisfying. In a world where games are getting super complicated, annoy you all the time with notifications, and take a lot of thinking to play, it really is refreshing to have a game you can just zone out and play when you want your mind to rest.

Basically you get a backyard, and a food bowl. and some silver fish to spend. You also get gold fish too, to purchase rare items. All you need to do is buy some items from the store that you think the cats would come into your backyard for, place those items in your backyard, purchase some cat food, fill up the bowl, and wait!

It takes a little while, and you can even exit the app for awhile and pop back in, but your cats should start to come. The cool bit on this app is the Catbook, so you can keep a track of what cats have come into your yard. You also have an option to take photos of the backyard which are then saved to your phone, so you can look back on it. You can also take photos of individual cats, which is good when you get rare ones. You have to just play around with what furniture and items you put in your yard. You also get left silver and gold fish by the cats. If you are lucky, you might even get a momento from a cat! You lucky lucky thing. There are 62 cats to attract, with 22 of them being rare. It also has fun music and really is a great game to play.

Have you tried any of these apps? What are your recommendations?

T xx

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