Iolla Opening Party in Stockbridge!

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Hi team!

So last week I had an invitation to attend the opening of Iolla, an eyewear shop who also have a branch in Glasgow. They were opening in Stockbridge, and I had been walking past the shop when it was being put together, wondering what it was going to be!

Walking in, it is a great space. You had glasses to the left, on beautiful wooden shelves, with green plants. It felt very relaxed. The range of glasses frames were excellent, with an extensive range to suit everyone. I headed out to the back room and there was a whole room dedicated to sunglasses, with some great options.

Some background on the company. Iolla in Gaelic means ‘sight’, and originally started in Glasgow. They wanted to bring a more affordable price point for glasses, whilst not compromising on style. The designs are all done in house, and are very unique and fashionable.

Here are some pictures from the event below:

As you can see, I’m a complete clown, but I seriously did love the pink ones with leopard in the first picture (called Muir, and have several colours). They had cake, cupcakes, prosecco and a DJ, and it seemed like a lot of staunch supporters of the brand were there to support the owners for the opening. The staff were all really nice and introduced themselves to me when I came in the door. There were a lot of bloggers there I recognised, and it was a really fun atmosphere with everyone really impressed with the selection and trying on their favourites.

I definitely recommend heading to them, just get your prescription up to date and then go in and ask them to style you with the  best glasses for you! I also recommend their blog on the website as they explored Stockbridge when they came to town and named their favourite places they found.

T xx

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