I Gave Blood Because I Am A Big Brave Girl


Hi team!

So this blog is about donating blood!

I am 31 and I have never done this, and wanted to 1, try it, and 2, do something good. Giving blood is so important and especially if you have a rare blood type as it is relied on for so many things, such as surgery, births, the list goes on.

I booked in an appointment with the Blood Donor Centre in Edinburgh. I filled in a form (you have to make sure this is 100% correct otherwise you may risk giving blood to someone who might contract something as a result. I had a few drinks the night before but that didn’t affect my blood giving, but I wouldn’t recommend it!

So the nurse popped me into a room and took a test of my blood to  make sure I had enough iron. It felt like a staple going in and sounded like it too, but wasn’t too bad at all. I then learned that I had a great amount of iron, which was amazing as a few years ago I was on iron pills to try get my levels up so that was good news!

I think went through to the other room and lay down on a bed. I was pretty nervous but they made me feel at ease immediately. I have had a few tattoos but was still not overly cool with the needle. However it wasn’t too bad, they then attached a bag and the donation began. The donation in total took ten minutes, very easy, and I was allowed to stay there for a minute while I recovered a bit. Then they popped me through to the cafe where I had a coffee and a Tunnocks teacake (what a world) and I could chill out for a bit until I felt better.

I really enjoyed my experience, and it really took no time out of my day. I however still don’t know what my blood type is (lol). You can give blood every three months and considering how easy it is, I really think I will keep up with it. There are still stipulations on who can and can’t give blood, however it would be great to start the process and then at least you know if you can or can’t at that time!

Have you donated blood? How did you find it?

T xx

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