Brand Profile: The Auld Connection

Edinburgh, Review

Hi team!

So this weeks Brand Profile is Auld Connection. I first encountered this brand at the Biscuit Factory event in Leith, and was face deep in all of their goodies before finally looking up and realising I knew one of them from work! This was her side hustle along with her job, and looking at the product I was amazed at how much work had gone into the ideas and design. One of them is French, and one of them is Scottish, and they do many fairs so you may have seen them around already!

On their website they say their work is ‘inspired by travels in Scotland and beyond, wandering like tourists in our home city and a love of colour, nature and animals (cats in particular!)’. They do prints, cards, magnets, and badges, and even their business cards get in on the design!

The range of products they do is pretty amazing and I love the Edinburgh feel to it all. They are very proud of the heritage of Scotland and their take on it so unique! They do everything from pins to wall hangings, and a pretty great selection of greeting cards! They even do a print centred around the pandas from Edinburgh Zoo!

Here are my favs below:


Want to know more? Here are all their details below!

Auld Connection Website

Auld Connection Facebook

Auld Connection Instagram

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