Goals For Spring


Hi team!

So I’m going to go all basic on you and share my goals for Spring! Mainly as it starts properly this week and I am super sick of winter now, I just want to wear my pink leather jacket OKAY

  1. Get out and run more. I would say that my exercise regimen has been building over winter, and now that I have a normal job, I can go running on the weekend or days off. I definitely want to be in a good place by the end of Spring and keep improving my personal best!
  2. Eat better. I ate like a pig this winter. Luckily I am a fan of big jumpers however my highwaisted jeans are not happy with me at the moment. Plus I want to be a bit healthier than I am and keep making good food choices.
  3. Get a holiday booked. I am so looking forward to getting some sun, and have a couple of destinations in mind! I so need some Vitamin D.
  4. Get my bathroom done. I know, so adult. I really do have a bathtub in my lounge though. That needs to change.
  5. Sort out my flower garden. I have planted stuff over the years but I need to plant more. I have bought sunflowers and lilies for this year, and can’t wait to see them in action
  6. Host a BBQ. Perhaps more for summer, but we have had very kind friends who have had us over numerous times over the winter so we are repaying everyone by hosting a BBQ on a nice summer day!

What’s your goals for the next three months? Anything similar?

T xx

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