Brand Profile: Heather More Illustration

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Hi guys!

This weeks Brand Profile is on one of my favourite artists, Heather More. I met Heather at a networking event and she was so lovely! We ended up having her at two of our Braw Blogger Events (plug plug) and her stand stood out due to her amazing art and products!

Here are some images below of my favourite work from her, including the artist herself!


What I like about Heather is that she has got a really fun take on things, and she also posts a lot of art to her Facebook, including when she sketches places she travels to. I get a lot of her products and get a lot people asking where I get it from, which truly proves that shopping local really works if you want to be a bit more individual. Heather has also done many art exhibitions and has also done work for the NHS and the Skinny.

Like what you see? Here are all the need to know links below:

Heather More Website

Heather More Shop

Heather More Facebook

Heather More Twitter

Heather More Instagram

T xx

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