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Hi team!

So this week I am highlighting a brand that I love, called Lazy Flora.

Lazy Flora is aimed at people who find it had to keep up with having a garden, perhaps have no garden of their own, or would like to start learning more about planting and growing.

I am very amateurish when it comes to gardening. I acquired a garden when I bought my house, with rose bushes and a few plants out back. However I really want to learn how to grow and look after plants. I have some succulents and indoor plants that I am managing to keep alive also. I also have inherited a garden shed with tools that I have never seen before.

So far, I have planted some daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. I have some sunflowers to plant also. However I have some plant pots that look a little sad, and want to pimp out my garden this summer. This is where Lazy Flora will come in.

Lazy Flora was started by Claire, who realised that she couldn’t feasibly create a garden in her city flats she was living in. She moved to a new place with a balcony and could start to create her own oasis. However it was hard to get to garden centres and get access to quality plants. Hence she started Lazy Flora, to deliver plants to people that are limited on space but want a garden of their own.

You can get many different kinds, for both indoor and outdoor, with a succulent selection Β for people obsessed with them (me). You can subscribe and get individual plants, or do a seasonal plant collection also.

What I also like is that they give you a free calendar to show when your plants will be blooming. They also send you reminders to water your plants – how helpful is that?!

You can see what they are going to send out each month, and also buy gifts for friends! Who wouldn’t love some beautiful flowers at their doorstep that last beyond a few days!

Here are all their details below:

Lazy Flora Website

Lazy Flora Facebook

Lazy Flora Twitter

Lazy Flora Instagram

T xx

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