How to Adult – Being Organised!


Hi guys!

So I have had a few people ask me how I keep so organised. It really took a long time to get to this point but now I have a system that works for me, that also means I am not at the mercy of my to do list and don’t get overwhelmed!

  1. Asana

This app is a godsend. You can use any to do list app you like, or even diaries or pen and paper, but I have found Asana very helpful. You can set your tasks under Projects , such as Business, Personal, Weekly Tasks, etc. Then under that you can pop all of your tasks related to the subject under that heading. You can set the tasks to either a particular day of the week, a particular date, and to recur when you want. For example I clear my email once a week and go through everything so this will be done every Sunday. I even set my reminders for self care such as doing Yoga or Mediation. It means that I don’t overwhelm myself with all my to dos, just work through a few each day. Plus when you tick off something in your list a unicorn flies over your list!

2. Housework

As we are in the process of renovating the house it is always in a state of disarray but I make sure to keep on top of everything as much as possible. I assign a different room to each day of the week and when I am pressed for time I assign twenty minutes to that room and do as much as I can in that time. It means that the room looks so much better when I am done and it puts a focus on getting as much done as possible in that twenty minutes. It also means you don’t lose a day to cleaning and your house is looking great.

3. Planning in Dentist, Hygenist, Doctors, Gym, Self Care, Skin Care and Hair Appointments. This is adulting to the max so if you are on top of this, you are onto the next stage of adulthood. I don’t need to go to the doctor all the time so I schedule this if and when. I plan in a Dentist and Hygenist together every six months, and as I go private I save up for this over the six months. I plan in a month’s worth of fitness/runs if and when it suits me, so I know that I will do it when the time comes. I also plan in self care, so I plan in Yoga, Meditation, time to read a book, what have you. Skin and Hair appointments do vary from person to person, but I plan a hair appointment every three months, and then my manicure every 3-4 weeks. I did a big yearly calendar and spaced out all of these appointments to make sure that it was all affordable and that it wasn’t all in the same month. This is the key to maintaining.

4. Saving regularly. This follows on from the appointments, but this is super important to make sure you get right, so you have savings when you are older and looking to buy a house, save for your pension, holidays, etc. When I get paid, I shove a preset amount into an ISA, of which I have worked out a certain amount will go to my Student Loan, an amount to my tax bill, an amount to my overall savings, and an amount for other things I am saving for, i.e. a dog and my citizenship. I keep a track of these via a budgeting app (there are loads out there) and make sure my saving goals are being reached before anything else. So determine what you are saving for – what debt you have, what you need to save for (deposit on a home, new washing machine etc) and then general savings and holiday/fun money. Then do with your pay what you will – food, rent, and whatever appointments you need to pay for that month. Don’t forget to leave some fun money!

5. Desktop

I make a point of tidying my emails once a week (see number one), right down to zero if I can, popping them into relevant folders. I also do a physical tidy of my desk, especially as it is usually strewn with empty coffee cups, products from companies to blog about, and many many notebooks. This means I am ready for another week and don’t go crazy when I sit down to do work. I also have a box of random stuff to either get filed, be dealt with, or throw away, so I do this once a week also. Doing this on a Sunday means you also feel ready to get on with what you do best!

I cannot stress enough, being organised is not the be all and end all, and it’s something that is not achieved over night – this took me years of getting my shit together and figuring out how I work best. I also stress that above all, prioritise yourself and your self care above all of your tasks you need to do. So when I look at my list for the day, Yoga, Meditation and going for a run are at the top of my list. Then I can move onto other things, knowing that I have looked after myself and made myself ready for the day.

Do you have any other tips? Share with me, I love to learn new ways!

T xx

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