Brand Profile: Den of Iniquity!

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Hi guys!

So this is not so much a review, but the place I went to deserves some praise so it’s kind of a review!

I got a new tattoo! I am super happy with it, and have been thinking about it for awhile. I have Maori heritage and wanted the words ‘ea’ and ‘noa’ tattooed somewhere.

‘Ea’ means ‘to rise’ and ‘noa’ is to keep at a level state of tapu.

I knew I wanted the tattoos one on each part either arm or leg, but didn’t know. I eventually settled on the backs of my arms, above the elbow, as its a great place to showcase and it’s also not too bad for pain as there is a bit of cushioning there.

So I usually go to Kerry at Red Hot and Blue for my tattoos, however there was this amazing tattoo place that had opened on Broughton Street awhile ago that I was very curious about, called Den of Iniquity. I looked them up on Instagram, and discovered it was three awesome ladies who do amazing artwork – Jen, Deborah, and Aileen.

I saw that Aileen had space on my day off so I jumped at the chance to get her to tattoo me. She is so talented and an absolute sweetheart in Β person. I had requested more of a handwritten font for the words, and when I showed up she showed me what she had done, and it was exactly what I had envisaged.

Before I go onto the tattoo part, I have to show you pictures of the studio. What an amazing place! It really spoke to my love of vintage, and they even had a My Little Pony sitting on the fireplace. So my vibe!


We headed downstairs, and got started. Now this may be the same or different, but you forget the pain. Every time the needle first hits my skin I suddenly go “oh, this was a terrible idea, this hurts, no more tattoos for awhile”. And then a week later you go hmmm…what’s my next one going to be? On that note, they had tattoos up on the walls and I spied this beautiful mermaid – I have been looking for a mermaid for awhile that I had in my mind, and this was the closest so I may just go back for her!


The tattoo took around ten minutes, and I was so happy with the results, the placement was perfect, Aileen was a gem, and the whole experience was really cool. Nothing against the boys, but I do love getting tattoos from women, it’s a really cool experience and you get to meet some cool people as well!

Den of IniquityΒ also have guest tattooists coming through, who are closely matched with the artwork that the three ladies produce themselves.

I really enjoy the whole experience and will definitely be paying a visit again! I’ve popped their social media handles below – worth looking at if you are shopping for a great tattoo artist!

Den of Iniquity Instagram

Den of Iniquity Facebook

T xx

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