Review: Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator

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Hi team!

This Monday I am reviewing yet another Soap and Glory product (they don’t pay me, I just love the product) and today’s one is the Beauty Sleep Accelerator – Night & Flight Moisture Miracle.

This is a fabulous night cream. I am a fan of a day and night cream, with night creams being my ultimate favourite. And because I go on long flights home to New Zealand, this means this product is perfect for me, as I do the full face cream and hand cream and water cocktail to keep my skin looking great when I land, as that Jet Lag hits me haaaaaard.

I love that Soap and Glory have gone beyond the bath range and focused on skincare. People can be very particular and loyal to their skincare, and there are many types of skin and skin issues out there, so people take finding a brand that suits them seriously.

BSA (I will now refer to the product as this) has ingredients like night blooming cactus flower, peach, and rosehip. The smell is incredible.  Definitely very peachy and juicy, and I always get my husband to smell my face as soon as I put it on as I feel everyone needs to smell this smell! Delicious.

I pop it on after washing and toning my face, and let it sink it in before applying my eye cream. Overnight it gets to work, moisturising, firms skin and repairs. I used to have a horrible patch of dry skin between my eyebrows that has since vanished, the red parts around my chin have faded, and my eye lines, though minimal at my age, are being kept at bay. Think of this as a big drink of water for your skin. Now imagine it on a flight.

On an airplane, they never bring enough water around, you are in airconditioned airports and planes, and doing your normal skincare routine is usually out the window as you have to squeeze into the smallest bathroom, and have to do it quickly so there isn’t a huge queue tutting at you when you hop out looking like your gorgeous self. On a plane, I would still wash my face (or use wipes), tone if I can, and then pop a generous amount on to set in. Pop some eye cream on, put on your face mask, perhaps some lavender oil into those funny pillows you give you, and I guarantee you you will wake up looking better than those air attendants that always manage to look great at 3am.

The other great thing about this cream is that you can use it during the day too. If your skin is going through a dry patch, pop on a mask, tone, then pop the cream on. It will push moisture into your face and by days end, you will look and feel fab.

I can’t say enough about this product – it really is a treat in my nightly skincare routine, and if I could take a bath in it, I would!

T x

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2 thoughts on “Review: Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator

  1. Ooooh i’ve been looking for a decent night from for ages! I get a dry patch on my nose and nothing seems to help it, so i’ll be trying this! Thanks!



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