My Evening Routine!


Hi guys!

So I wrote about my Morning Routine and now I am focusing on my Evening routine! This can vary but if I’m working in the office or if I have work the next day I do try to keep to it to make sure I’m ready for the day ahead.

  1. Exercise. I count meditation as an exercise as it is just as important but I will do a mixture of things such as Meditation, Core work, Running, and Yoga – depending on what I am in the mood for. Its good to run off everything that happened over the day, especially if it was a stressful one, and to stretch myself from being hunched over a desk.
  2. I usually blog for twenty minutes, as its a nice creative time of the evening and means that I can keep on top of my blog posts by plugging away at it each week. And I haven’t run out of ideas yet!
  3. I tidy a different room each day of the week, so I can keep up with my housework through the week and then can enjoy the weekend. I give each room about twenty minutes so I don’t spend forever and then any big things can wait for the weekend.
  4. I usually get into bed for ten and spend that hour reading. I have a lot of magazines and books that I read so I try to stay off my phone for that hour and get into a good book.
  5. Lastly I put hand and cuticle cream on, and I have aromatherapy oil that are in little roller bottles that I put on my pillow to lull me into sleep.

This routine really works for me, as I tend to have trouble sleeping when I have anxiety so doing exercise, reading, and having the routine really helps me relax and get a good nights sleep and be ready for that 7:15 alarm! (Ugh).

Do you have an evening routine? Let me know in the comments!

T xx

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