How To Make Friends


Hi guys!

So this weeks topic is all about making friends. Making friends is tough at any age. You may live in a big city full of people and feel a little lonely. It can be hard to break into groups who are fully established and have their own routine.

However there are many avenues you can try.

  1. If you have a partner, see what their friends are like. Who are your mutual friends? Who are friends of friends that sometimes come to events and you don’t see much? If you think you might get along with someone, talk to them at your next meeting, and then arrange to go out for coffee!
  2. Join a club doing something you enjoy. The gym, knitting group, walks around your town or city, or even volunteer at a charity shop! If you enjoy doing something, you will find people who will enjoy it too, and there is your first thing in common.
  3. Get to know people online. I have some Twitter friends that I have now become friends with in real life, which is amazing! You can chat over social media and then meet up for a drink or a coffee and see how you mesh – and the best part is it really is just continuing the conversation!
  4. Join Facebook Groups! I have joined a few for work and for personal and it really feels like a little group all bonded over one or several topics – plus if they are in your town or city thats even better!
  5. Work friends – now this one is a little trickier as you might have to also make sure work doesn’t interfere with your budding friendship but you may spend 40 hours with the people you work with – why not go out for an afterwork drink with some of them? This will help you at work also, and means that your work life can be a fun place to be for the days that you are there. Plus you might be friends with them outside of work which can be really fufiling.

Are there any tips I am missing? Let me know in the comments!

T xx

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