Letting Go Of Friends.


Hi guys!

So this blog deals with a topic that can be quite painful for a lot of people, and in fact has happened to everyone. It is about the ways we lose, let go, or fall out with friends.

The first time you may lose a friend is if your friend moves away. I moved away from my best friend to the UK and it’s been hard. However it’s only strengthened our friendship but I know for a lot of people it can break friendships. There are friends I am no longer as close to simply by being in a different country. It can be very hard to accept, however when I visit it means I can visit the ride or dies.

The other way you can lose a friend is simply growing up. This can often start from puberty onwards as you discover boys/girls and where you are in the world. Its something that does naturally happen, and will continue to happen as you move through high school and get to know yourself and who you want as a friend through a tough time of growing up.

The other time is when people get married and have children. You might not lose them as a friend, but if you aren’t having kids around the same time or indeed ever – because  their lives are now filled with their kids it can be hard for them to see you and vice versa.

The other more in your face way is if you have an actual fight and never make up. This is very painful, as you feel like you are throwing years of friendship down the drain. It can be very hard to come to terms with – people have likened it to a break up. This one can do a bit a of damage and also make you lose mutual friends in the bargain.

Losing friends can be painful, sad, needed, and fine – and all at the same time sometimes. Sometimes you have a toxic friend who doesn’t care about you, just themselves, and this is when you need to let them go. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised it’s not about the quantity of friends, its the quality. I now have some very close knit friends who we’ve been through weddings, divorces, children, and death. These friends have supported me through my depression, and I have supported them. I have lost a lot of friends to help this happen, but its the greatest payoff as I know who my friends will be until the end of time.

I hope that if you lose a friend, you will gain one more that will enrich your life better than the last!

T xx

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